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Almost Karelian-style coconut and cottage cheese

Cooked coconut and cottage cheese almost Karelian style

Time to cook: 50 minutes

Total Servings: 2

Nutritional Value

Karelian dishes are interesting and varied, so I decided to do some research on them. I changed the recipe a little, so the name has the word "almost")). The result is unexpectedly delicious! When I took the cake out of the oven, it was beautiful and appealing, and when I cut it, I was ready to eat it all at once, because the whole house was filled with this gorgeous creamy aroma! The filling is delicate, with a slight cottage cheese and oatmeal flavor that the buttery pancakes dissolved into. Yummy, yummy, yummy! Although, I have to say that I liked the coconut colder.

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Ingredients for coconut and cottage cheese almost Karelian style:

Cottage cheese

  • Milk - 1 l
  • Sourdough starter (Oursson bacterial sourdough starter.) - 1 sachet.


  • Milk - 1 l
  • Sourdough starter (Oursson bacterial sourdough starter.) - 1 sachet.

Almost Karelian coconut

  • Wheat flour / Flour (for scones) - 80 g
  • Water (for the tortilla) - 50 ml
  • Ryazhenka (for bread + 4 Tbsp.l for the filling) - 10 g
  • Salt (for the tortilla and the filling) - to taste
  • Butter (5g for bread + 10g for stuffing + to taste for buttering the bread and pancakes) - 15 g
  • Oat flakes (for stuffing, instead of flakes you can use toloko) - 30 g
  • Cheese cheese (for stuffing) - 60 g
  • Sugar (for stuffing) - 1 teaspoon
  • Pancake (pancakes can be made according to any recipe (I have lean, water, flour, salt, sugar)) - 2 pcs

How to cook coconut and cottage cheese almost the Karelian way step by step with photos

FOOD. Pour a liter of room temperature milk into a sterilized glass, add one sachet of sourdough and stir until it dissolves completely with a clean, dry spoon, about 2-3 minutes. Cover tightly with a lid. Put the glass with the milk into the yogurt thermos, in which boiling water is poured, and close with the lid. Let it sit in a warm place for 6-10 hours.

We cut the ready mass into squares with a clean, dry knife and put on a water bath. When the mass begins to separate from the walls and curdle, strain through a thick cloth. Create 200 grams of cottage cheese.

RYAZHENKA. To make ryazhenka, pour a liter of melted milk into a clean sterilized glass, add a sourdough starter powder and stir with a clean, dry spoon until it has dissolved, 2-3 minutes. Put the glass with milk in a thermos-yogurt machine, filled to the mark with boiling water and cover with a lid. Let it stand in a warm place for 6-10 hours. The result is an unusually delicious, thick, flavorful ryazhenka.

COCONUT AND COTTAGE CHEESE ALMOST KARELIAN. For this recipe you need two thin pancakes. They can be made according to any recipe. I baked them with water and flour, salt, sugar and vegetable oil.

We make a thick dough for our scone. Mix wheat flour, ryazhenka, water, salt and melted butter. If we do not have enough flour, we add it little by little, for the dough not to stick to your hands.

Roast oatmeal in a dry frying pan until blackened and grind in a coffee grinder. You can use ready-made toloko.

Then put the cottage cheese, butter, salt, sugar and stirring a spoonful of ryazhenka into the oatmeal.

This is the consistency of the stuffing.

Roll out our cake 2 mm thick, grease it with melted butter. Put a pancake on a flatbread, grease it with butter, spread stuffing on it, put another pancake on top and grease with butter.

Fold pancakes with filling in half.

To cover with a tortilla and seal it. You can grease it with an egg or sweet water, I greased it with baking soda water. Put in preheated oven up to 180 degrees for 20 minutes until browned. If not long enough add five or ten minutes. All ovens are different, check with your oven, but don't desiccate the coconut.

Here is the result.

Brew a fresh pot of tea and invite the family over for a delicious tea party.

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
2240.9 Calories
114 g
57.5 g
321.4 g
Per Serving:
1120.5 Calories
57 g
28.8 g
160.7 g
68.1 Calories
3.5 g
1.7 g
9.8 g

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