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Apple and pear tarts

Cooked apple and pear tarts

Total Servings: 20

Nutritional Value

The perfect yeast dough with extra corn oil. The dough is fluffy, light and elastic with a spongy crumb. Perfect for molding products. Can be used for all kinds of pies and buns. The gluten swells quickly and the dough has no problem rising.

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Ingredients for apple and pear tarts:


  • Milk (warm) - 200 ml
  • Sugar (of the total volume) - 1 tablepoon
  • Wheat flour / Flour (of the total volume) - 3 tablespoon
  • Yeast (fresh) - 20 g


  • Wheat flour / Flour (sift) - 420 g
  • Salt - 1/2 teaspoon
  • Sugar - 80 g
  • Vanilla sugar (8g) - 1 sachet.
  • Egg white - 1 pc
  • Sour cream (I have 30% fat.) - 25 g
  • Corn oil (or any flavorless vegetable oil) - 50 ml
  • Vegetable oil (to grease a bowl and dough) - 1 tablepoon


  • Apple (sweet, medium) - 2 pcs
  • Pear (big sweet) - 1 pc
  • Butter - 30 g
  • Sugar - 40 g
  • Almonds (chop grains coarsely or any nuts) - 20 pcs
  • Cinnamon (optional) - 1 teaspoon


  • Egg Yolk - 1 pc
  • Cream (or milk) - 1 tablepoon
  • Wheat flour / Flour (for dusting and rolling) - 2 tablespoon

How to cook apple and pear tarts step by step with photos

Making a quick sourdough. Crumble fresh yeast into a bowl, add sugar, flour, pour warm milk and mix. Cover with a plate or a towel and leave for 10-15 minutes., let the yeast rise.

Knead flour into a bowl, add salt, sugar, vanilla sugar, mix together. Pour in egg whites, add sour cream and corn oil.

I mix with a hand mixer and attachments "spirals". Total kneading time is about 10 minutes., until the sides of the bowl are clean. Hands, grease the bowl with vegetable oil, collect the dough by hand into a ball. Cover the bowl with a lid or cling film and leave for 60 minutes. Place in a warm place.

While the dough is heating, prepare the filling. Wash apples and pear and cut into small pieces. Melt butter and add sugar in a heated frying pan.

Add almonds and fry for 1 minute., Stir in, add fruit and fry (stew) for 2 to 3 minutes without cover. Turn off the heat, add the cinnamon. Put the stuffing into a bowl and cool.

Turn out the dough on a floured work surface and knead. Crumbling before shaping is necessary to release carbon dioxide. Its presence affects the taste and the quality of the product. The dough is soft and fluffy.

Divide into equal slices, I have 40 - 41 gr 20 piece The dough gather in the center, roll in hands, form into balls, Cover with cling film and leave for 10 minutes. Flatten each ball, smooth side down.

Roll out each ball into a circle, put stuffing in the middle and pinch to form a triangle. Hold dough over filling.

Turn workpiece with seam side down, corners may be slightly rounded (bring under the workpiece).

Place the dough pieces seam side down on a baking tray lined with baking paper or on a baking mat. Cover with clingfilm and leave to rise in a warm place for 20-25 minutes. 5-7 minutes before baking. before baking, brush the patties with a mixture of egg yolk and cream.

Bake in preheated oven to 200C 10-12min. until crispy (watch your oven). Let cool on rack.

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
17739.9 Calories
90.9 g
1650.1 g
663.3 g
Per Serving:
887 Calories
4.5 g
82.5 g
33.2 g
556.1 Calories
2.8 g
51.7 g
20.8 g

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