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Basket of Flowers Cake

Cooked Pie Basket of Flowers

Nutritional Value

I've recently become fascinated with a variety of scone and pie molding. Well, on the Internet there is a lot of information and master classes with beautifully cut dough. And on one site I came across a photo with a pie in the form of a basket of flowers (the source "Such pies"). I have no doubt that the recipe for such a dough is already on the site, but the main thing here is the shaping (although, if there are recipes on Povarenka with such shaping of buns, shout at once :))). Of course, I have yet to grow to the level of the creator of this pie, but I decided to try it anyway. And this, dear cooks, is what I got.

Author of the recipe

Ingredients for the cake "basket of flowers":

  • Wheat Flour / Flour - 3 glass
  • Chicken egg (1 - into the dough, 2 - grease the top) - 2 pcs
  • Vegetable oil - 4 tablespoon
  • Water - 200 ml
  • Sugar - 2 tablespoon
  • Salt - 1 teaspoon
  • Walnuts
  • Jelly
  • Mac
  • Cinnamon
  • Powdered sugar - 1 teaspoon
  • Yeast (dry) - 1 teaspoon

How to cook cake "basket of flowers" step by step with photos

I love this dough: I've been using this recipe all the time since I got my bread maker. In the recipe book that came with the bread machine, it's called "Croissant Dough". I've used it to make croissants, muffins, and pies. The good thing about the dough is that you can use any kind of filling - it's unsweetened. And the products can be found in any fridge and cupboard. Here are the ingredients for the dough (except water).

I almost always knead yeast dough in the bread machine: I can't knead it that way with my hands. The dough takes 1.5 hours to make: knead, rise, knead and rise again. So, in the bread maker bucket (or in the pan if you make the dough by hand) pour salt, sugar (if you want a sweet dough, add more sugar), beat 1 egg, pour the vegetable oil.

Sift flour. My recipe calls for 3 cups of flour (i.e. е. 3 cups 200 grams each.). I weighed it and it came out to 520 grams. But it's a little loose, but you can adjust it in the process.

Pour warm water (about 40 degrees). Make an indentation on top of a hill of flour and add yeast. Put it on "the dough". If you don't have a bread maker, make the dough the normal way: mix the yeast with the sugar and dilute in a little warm water, you can add a couple of spoonfuls of flour. When the yeast has risen, mix with the rest of the ingredients, knead into an elastic dough, cover with a towel and allow to proof for about an hour, stir and leave to proof for another 30 minutes.

Here's the dough after 1.5 hours in the bread maker.

While the dough was cooking, we prepared the toppings: jam, nuts, poppy seeds and cinnamon. I used very little stuffing, but it's up to you.

We poured the ready dough on the table. My dough is a little runny, so I dust the table with flour.

We form a neat ball, which we divide into smaller balls.

Proceed to form a basket: roll out the plaits, you can flatten them to obtain the strips.

Weave them. Be careful, when the dough is ready and the strips have set, it will be hard to correct anything - I noticed my fault only when I had already poured the tea and was tearing off a piece of cake for a snack. We formed the basket on a baking sheet lined with parchment. I'm out of parchment, so I use foil, which also does a pretty good job.

Shape the flowers. Roll out the doughnut into a thin cake. It does not have to be perfectly round (I always have a problem with that).

Put stuffing (I have a very thick jam) in the center of the cake and make incisions.

One by one we paste all the segments around the filling.

Like this.

We make a rosebud. We put it on the baking tray, too.

Then we make the second variant of a rose. For this we take a big kolobochok and a small one and roll them both into small cakes.

Put stuffing on the small one, pinch it and roll it into a kolobochka.

Put a small spikelet in the center of a large cake and do the same thing as with the previous bun: cut and seal it.

We get another rosebud.

Recalling a wonderful pie "Flower" from diana1616, I make a scaled-down copy by rolling little balls.

I keep one ball and roll out the others into small balls and fill them with some filling (poppy-seeds).

I make dumplings.

Already on the tray I put a flower together.

From plaits braid and make from it a handle for a basket. In the photo you can see the joint of two braids - this defect will be covered by the last flower.

Make leaves from oblong cakes, cut edges with scissors.

Here are the leaves already in the composition. You can also scatter leaves like this all over the "bouquet". When the dough is done and there is nothing left to fantasize with, we cover the dough with a towel and place it in a warm place to rise.

Beat 1 egg with a fork and 1 teaspoon of powdered sugar.

Here's on the risen bouquet.

Glaze the cake with the egg. Decorate as desired. I sprinkled the middle of the flowers with poppy seeds, and "basket" I sprinkled cinnamon. When cooked, the cinnamon is not particularly visible, but you can smell it and taste it. But that is for the taste. Bake at 180-200 degrees until golden brown. We check it with a wooden skewer.

Here is a ruddy basket with appetizing colors.

The dough has come up very well, so the outlines of the flowers are not quite visible. But if the dough is tighter, the outlines will be better.

The dough is soft and porous. Like I said, it goes well with a variety of fillings. By the way, when I was whisking away a rose for a snack with my tea, my husband was eating a "a basket of" of soup. So, help yourself!

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
2500.2 Calories
58.2 g
67.8 g
420.2 g
274.7 Calories
6.4 g
7.5 g
46.2 g

Chicken Egg, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Flour, Sugar, Walnuts, Sweet, Water, Cinnamon, Yeast, Baking, Powdered sugar, Poppy Seeds, Jam, Cakes, Pastry

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