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Buckwheat pie

Cooked buckwheat pie

Time to cook: 180 minutes

Total Servings: 6

Nutritional Value

Here is a recipe for a very tasty buckwheat pie! During the war the collective farms used to send their harvest to the front. Food ration cards were distributed and people survived on their subsistence. On holidays in the villages they used to make pies like this. I was taught to make them by my two grandmothers, and the funny thing is, they made them in different ways, but they were always delicious. Probably because I loved them so much!

Author of the recipe

Ingredients for buckwheat pie:

  • Wheat Flour / Flour (Dough ) - 500 g
  • Milk (dough ) - 150 ml
  • Chicken egg (dough ) - 3 pcs
  • Butter (dough ) - 175 g
  • Sugar (dough ) - 30 g
  • Salt (dough ) - 10 g
  • Yeast ((dry) dough) - 10 g
  • Buckwheat grits - 0.5 glass
  • Mushrooms (I have mushrooms, you can use dried soak beforehand) - 150 g
  • Onions - 1 pc
  • Bacon (ideally homemade stew) - 150 g
  • Vegetable oil - 30 ml
  • Seasoning ( salt, pepper to taste )

How to cook buckwheat pie step by step with photos

Dissolve yeast in 50 ml. Add a pinch each of sugar and salt to warm milk. Add 3 tablespoon of flour, stir and pour the prepared liquid sourdough into a bowl. Place it in a warm place for fermentation for no more than half an hour.

In a wide and shallow bowl, sift the flour and make a funnel in it. Knead in the eggs, add salt and sugar.

Pour in the resulting leaven and stir together all the ingredients in the funnel. Then, knead a soft dough, adding remaining warmed milk and melted butter little by little. Cover with a towel and leave to ferment in a warm place. The dough is very sticky, knead it for at least 15 minutes, after fermentation it will be soft and nice! I'm sorry, there is no photo of this step, but I think it's pretty clear!

While our dough is heating up, let's make the stuffing. Boil some buckwheat porridge, but don't overcook it. Many people advise not overcooking in this recipe, but as experience has shown, in this case, the stuffing is too crumbly, so boil it until tender! For our stuffing I use buckwheat porridge from the brand "Mistral" buckwheat kernel, extra!

Chop onion, mushrooms and bacon finely.

We fry the onion in vegetable oil until golden brown, then put the mushrooms and bacon, of course if you have homemade stew then use it, it is insanely delicious!

Then add buckwheat, stir and stew for 5 minutes or less! Taste, salt and pepper to taste.

Spread our dough on a floured board and shape a thin circle or rectangle, as you wish. I don't have much room, so a rectangle.

Put the filling more in the middle.

Now pinch the dough like this.

Then we begin to press it, shape it like a flatbread. The filling will press into the dough so it won't fall off when cut. We take a baking tray, cover it with baking paper and turn our cake with the seam side down, carefully, so that the bottom does not stick to the board.

I left a little dough for decoration, but it is optional. Preheat oven to 180-200 C and bake until golden brown! P.S Prepare a Lenten yeast dough, do not use bacon in the filling and you will have a hearty and wonderful pie for Lent!

Now a little bit about the grandmothers. Nina grew up in Poland, then went to the front. She helped out in the hospital when she was a little girl. She was wounded by a piece of shrapnel and lost an eye, then she worked and lived in Crimea, her pie was always lean, without stew, milk and butter - there was little money. I remembered her recipe with pleasure during the Lent. Unfortunately, she left me two years ago! But she lived quite a long life - 90 years! The second one, Grandma Manya, I was named after her, was born and grew up in a village in Volyn. Of course, she didn't have much money during the war, but she bore five children, one of whom didn't survive. I always admired her, this strong woman was never afraid of work or family problems. She just taught me how to make a real yeast dough and showed me how to make it in the oven. It always looked like a fairy tale to me. This particular recipe was the one where she made fat-free dough, but the homemade stew and perfectly roasted homemade buckwheat put her recipe over the top!

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
4538.9 Calories
118.2 g
263 g
429.3 g
Per Serving:
756.5 Calories
19.7 g
43.8 g
71.6 g
315.2 Calories
8.2 g
18.3 g
29.8 g

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