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Cabbage Pies by Scarecrow

Cooked cabbage rolls from Scarecrow

Time to cook: 120 minutes

Total Servings: 32

Nutritional Value

I've been baking pies and cakes myself for years, and I've tried and eaten a few from my friends, but... I'll be honest with you, I haven't had pies like this!!! I won't say anymore, you should try it, I highly recommend it!!! The words of the author of the recipe Scarecrows from the forum baker: -"The flour should first be mixed with a liquid that wets it well. In our version, it's milk. The gluten (starches) of the flour - will swell well, the dough will become elastic, stretchy. Fats are added at the very end! If you pour the fats right away or pour them into the dry flour, the fat molecules will envelop the starch molecules and they will then wet very poorly. The dough will be coarse, not airy. That's a subtlety I read in a professional baking textbook. And it's true! Tested at! The dough is very delicate, it feels like it will stick to everything. Sometimes (depending on the flour) you have to add flour. but! The dough should still feel sticky. Don't forget that it will swell and become a little more in terms of consistency after it's been fermented. The flour will absorb the water. "-

Author of the recipe

Ingredients for stuffed cabbage patties

  • White cabbage / Cabbage (small, finely chop) - 1 fork
  • Butter (melt and cool) - 150 g
  • Vegetable oil - 50 g
  • Sugar - 2-3 tablespoon
  • Salt - 2 teaspoon
  • Yeast (fresh or 17g dry) - 50 g
  • Chicken egg (fresh chicken, at room temperature, 1 for dough + 1 for grease + 3 for stuffing) - 5 units
  • Wheat flour / Flour (+ 50g for molding) - 1 kg
  • Milk (heat up to 30 deg.) - 500 ml
  • Green onions (white part, chop) - 3-4 pcs
  • Dill - 1 tablepoon
  • Olive oil - 3-4 tablespoon

How to cook stuffed cabbage pies step by step with photos

Stuffing: Stew cabbage in a sauté pan with onion and spices until liquid evaporates. Batter: Dissolve yeast in warm milk, add sugar, salt, egg and beat with a whisk. While we weigh and sift the flour, our will be a little frothy. Add flour and knead the dough. Lastly, add the butter and oil, gradually kneading it into the dough. In the preface to the recipe, I wrote why. Roll the dough into a ball. Place in a bowl, cover the bowl with cling film and put it in an oven heated to 40"C, but already turned off the oven for 1 hour.

Divide the risen dough into 32 pieces.

Form the patties on a lightly floured surface. Take a piece of dough and pinch the ends to the center (this is how round baked goods are shaped, so that the back side does not have ugly seams.

Flatten with the palm of your hand, place a tablespoonful of filling in the center.

Pinch in the middle first.

Then from the middle to one side and to the other, it pinches perfectly, pulls too.

Pull the ends to different sides (not abruptly - smoothly).

Pinch the ends together, this will be the bottom of the cake.

Turn over and put it on a baking tray on this protecting, you can make a little more of a squeeze, giving a perfect shape. We will have a flat and beautiful side.

Give the patties a full proofing under a clean cloth (they will inflate almost three times). This should take about 20-30 minutes. The proofing is very important. Don't rush too much. Lack of proofing often leads to tearing of the crust (especially on the sides)! Brush with an egg beaten with a tablespoon of ice water and bake in an oven preheated to 190 degrees C for 17-20 minutes. C in an oven for 17-20 minutes. Until golden brown. Use your oven as a guide!!!

Here they are!

Delicious, fluffy and soft...

I miscalculated with the filling and baked garlic buns by making notches in the buns and putting garlic and dill and butter in them, what a beauty!!!

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
6900.3 Calories
196.5 g
273.3 g
925 g
Per Serving:
215.6 Calories
6.1 g
8.5 g
28.9 g
180.6 Calories
5.1 g
7.2 g
24.2 g

Chicken Egg, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Flour, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Butter, Olive Oil, Green onions, Dill, Milk, Cabbage, Bread, Yeast, Cake, Dough, Creamsicle

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