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Chocolate Cherry Pie with Nuts

Cooked chocolate cake with cherries and pecans

Time to cook: 120 minutes

Total Servings: 8

Nutritional Value

During Lent the food is easy)). But what if you have a holiday that's important for Lent?? For example, last year it was my mother's birthday. And since she was born at the beginning of March, it coincided with the beginning of Lent. We couldn't leave the birthday girl without a birthday cake! So we came up with this delicate chocolate hazelnut pie with cherry sourness. I think this recipe will also be good for those who keep the Christmas Fast: it can be made on New Year's Eve, on St. Basil's Day. After all, this cake has all the traditional winter holiday ingredients. Except for the ones that are not allowed to the fasting people))

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Ingredients for the chocolate cake with cherries and pecans:

  • semolina - 1 glass
  • Cane sugar - 1 glass
  • Vanilla sugar - 1 teaspoon
  • Water - 1 glass
  • Coconut flakes - 0.5 glass
  • Olive oil - 0,75 glass
  • Cherry - 1 glass
  • Walnuts - 1 glass
  • Soda dissolved in vinegar - 1 teaspoon
  • Cocoa powder - 6 teaspoon

How to cook chocolate cake with cherries and nuts step by step with photos

First of all, let's make sure we have all the ingredients.) Now we mix the semolina "Mistral", Demerara cane sugar "Mistral" and vanilla sugar. You can take any other sugar instead of cane sugar, but sugar from "Mistral" has a wonderful flavor that goes great with this cherry-chocolate combination.

Mix the dry ingredients and pour boiling water over them, add vegetable oil and infuse for an hour until the semolina . If you take hotter water (but not boiling water!) - the process will take about half an hour.

While semolina and sugar are hardening, we cut nuts and cherries, not too finely, so that the pieces can be felt in the ready pie. Add the juice left over from defrosting the cherries to our semolina and sugar base.

When the semolina has dissolved, add the cocoa to the batter. To make sure the chocolate powder doesn't scatter all over the kitchen, do it very carefully. And to avoid hard to break lumps, sift the cocoa through a sieve. As a result, we should have a very nice fudgy chocolate mixture.

Now it's turn to add the coconut shavings and mix the dough with the chopped walnuts and cherries. At this point in the process, add the flour.

Now prepare the baking tin. To make the cake come out easily, you can sprinkle semolina on the bottom. Or, as I have done, line it with baking paper. There is no need to grease the form with butter - there is enough of it in the pastry as it is.

Turn on the oven and preheat it to 180 degrees. Before placing the dough in the form, add the baking soda to it. So that the taste of baking soda is not too pungent in the finished pie, dampen it with lemon or orange juice, or vinegar. Wine balsamic vinegar goes well with cherries and chocolate.

Now, quickly and thoroughly mix everything, put it into the prepared dish and put it in the oven. Try not to slam the oven door as much as possible, otherwise the dough and won't rise well. Bake for about 45 minutes to an hour - depending on your oven.

When ready take the cake out of the mold, cool it down and decorate it with icing or powdered sugar. It can be served with an amazing banana-chocolate cream (melt a bar of dark chocolate in a water bath and grind it in a blender with two bananas). Our cake is ready! We invite our guests to our feast and in spite of Lent, we give them this delicious tart with all our heart.

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
2706.3 Calories
54.1 g
90.3 g
422.6 g
Per Serving:
338.3 Calories
6.8 g
11.3 g
52.8 g
260.2 Calories
5.2 g
8.7 g
40.6 g

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