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Dumplings with cottage cheese and coconut filling in multicooker

Cooked Dumplings with Coconut-Cheese Filling in the Multicooker

Time to cook: 120 minutes

Total Servings: 12

Nutritional Value

Plyatsok is a traditional pastry in the Western Ukraine (at the request of irksib about delicious Ukrainian food). It is a cross between a pie and a cake... Usually they are baked in rectangular forms and cut into portions - small pirozhanky. I adapted this recipe for multicooker, and we will cut it into triangles, but the taste will not suffer :)

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Ingredients for the dumplings with cottage cheese and coconut filling in the multicooker:

  • Cheese (for filling) - 200 g
  • Coconut chips (8 for stuffing, 1 for sprinkles) - 9 tablespoon
  • Egg yolk (in stuffing) - 1 pc
  • Sugar (3 tbsp.l. - in the filling, 7 tbsp.l. - in the dough, 2 tbsp.l. - cream) - 12 tablespoon
  • Margarine (for dough) - 200 g
  • Sour cream (in dough) - 150 g
  • Chicken egg (3 - in batter, 1 - in cream) - 4 pcs
  • Wheat flour / Flour - 2 glass
  • Milk (200 ml - for cream, 50 ml - for batter 2) - 250 ml
  • pastry leavening agent (into the dough) - 2 teaspoon
  • Cocoa powder (into batter 2) - 2 tablespoon
  • White (leftover egg yolk that went into the cottage cheese filling) - 1 pc
  • Potato starch (for cream) - 1 tablepoon
  • Vanilla (1 pinche for dough, 1 pinche for cream)

How to cook dumplings with coconut-cheese filling in a multicooker step by step with photos

For the first step we need: cottage cheese, 3 tablespoon sugar, egg yolk and coconut

Knead the cottage cheese with sugar, add the egg yolk and coconut and knead well. Form curd-coconut mass into balls the size of small walnuts, put them on a flat surface and put in the freezer for 30 minutes. This is to make sure that our balls will not fall apart while baking. This is the time we need to prepare the dough.

These are the products we need for the main dough: 3 eggs + 1 egg white, margarine, sour cream, 7 tablespoon sugar, baking powder, flour, vanilla sugar.

Beat soft margarine with sugar with a mixer until a homogeneous and smooth texture... Start adding egg whites and eggs, one at a time, without beating the mixture. Then add sour cream and in three steps sifted flour with baking powder and vanilla.

Make a thick dough. Pour 2/3 of the dough into a bowl of a multicooker, greased with margarine and dusted with flour and smooth it out.

Add cocoa powder and milk to the rest of the dough. Knead until smooth. Cover our base with the dough so about 1 cm remains up to the rims of the bowl, as seen in the picture.

Take the coconut-cheese curd balls out of the freezer and distribute them over the surface of our pie, pressing them lightly into the dough. Put the bowl in the multicooker and turn on the Baking mode for 60 minutes.

At the end of the program do not hurry to open the lid. Wait 20 minutes and let it cool in the bowl of the multicooker. Then remove it with a steam cooker.

Prepare the cream while our dumpling is cooling: beat egg yolks with 2 tablespoons of sugar and starch. Add milk and mix until smooth. Bring to a low heat and bring to a boil. Cook for 1-2 minutes stirring constantly. The cream begins to thicken! Remove from heat, cool it down to 40 degrees and add butter and vanilla. Beat until fluffy.

Spread the cream on our cooled dumplings. If you wish, we sprinkle it with coconut and chocolate shavings. Bon appetit to all! Enjoy :) P.S.I was in such a hurry to share the pictures with you that I didn't wait for the cream to set... so sorry about that :)

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
5749.2 Calories
137 g
314.3 g
638.5 g
Per Serving:
479.1 Calories
11.4 g
26.2 g
53.2 g
291.8 Calories
7 g
16 g
32.4 g

Flour, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Sweet, Eggs, Sour Cream, Milk, Potato starch, Margarine, Vanilla, Cocoa Powder, Baking powder, Egg Yolk, Baking, Coconut Flakes, Cakes, Egg White, Dough, Cotton Cheese

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