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Homemade meat patties

Cooked meat patties

Time to cook: 120 minutes

Total Servings: 38

Nutritional Value

This is a recipe for homemade meat patties. The recipe is easy enough to make and the patties are deliciously soft and fluffy. I make these pies with yeast dough, which stays soft and fluffy for a long time, and the pies are just waiting to be eaten!

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Ingredients for meat pies "homemade":

yeast dough

  • Milk (From the same volume in yeast!) - 500 ml
  • Wheat flour / Flour - 1000 g
  • Yeast ("live") - 50 g
  • Sugar (Of which 2tbsp.l. in the yeast! Without the slide.) - 4 tablespoon
  • Salt (Without additives!) - 1 tablespoon
  • Sunflower oil - 70 ml

Meat filling

  • Veal (Pork or beef can be also) - 450 g
  • Onions (Medium size) - 2 pcs
  • Salt (When boiling broth!) - 1,5 tablespoon
  • Sunflower oil (For frying onions) - 6 tablespoon

How to cook meat patties "homemade" step by step with photos

"Lively" Crumble yeast with your hands and add sugar.

Take a small amount of milk from the main dish and pour over the yeast. Then use a fork to dissolve the yeast and sugar in the milk. The milk needs to be a little warm, but not too hot!

Put the yeast in a warm place for about 20 minutes, you need to let it "come up". To do this, I boil the kettle in advance, turn the lid down, and put a plate of yeast on the lid. There I have them very quickly increase in size!

Then, the rest of the milk needs to be heated slightly (DO NOT BOIL!), add vegetable oil to the milk.

Next, add salt + sugar. Stir well to dissolve all the salt and sugar.

Now I start kneading the yeast dough. I add flour to the warm mixture a little at a time. I add a little and mix with a mixer.

The dough should be lump free!

When the dough thickens a little, then I add yeast .

After the yeast, gradually pour in small portions of flour, and then knead the dough by hand. In the end the dough should form into a ball and come away from the walls of the pan. If, when kneading, the dough gets sticky to your hands, make sure this does not happen (because the dough is too sticky and does not stick to your hands). к. It's not very comfortable to knead with these hands), then you need to grease your palms with sunflower oil!

At the same time I boil the kettle, then I turn its lid and put the pan with the dough on top. That way the dough .

After about 50 minutes. My dough has increased in size like this.

I make the meat stuffing. The meat should be cut into medium sized pieces.

Then pour cold water over the meat. The water should completely cover the meat.

Next, I add salt to the water. After boiling the meat over medium heat for 50 minutes. - 1 hour, depending on the meat. I used a young veal, so the meat cooked very quickly.

Once the meat is cooked, it needs to cool.

These are the ingredients we need to prepare the meat stuffing.

Boiled meat needs to be turned in a meat grinder.

Onions must be pre-fried in vegetable oil. Then add the fried onions to the meat. The meat itself is rolled meat is a bit dry, so that it was not so dry in it you can add broth to your liking, which is left after cooking!

Next, I begin to work with the dough. From the main piece I pluck small balls, such a ball fits in the palm of my hand.

I do not like to roll out the dough with a rolling pin, so I make patties directly in the palm of my hand - the ball I knead and flatten with my hands. The patties are still thin and soft, and the filling is just right - not too much and not too little!

Then I put the meat filling in the dough. For one pie I have 1 dessert spoon (which is between a tablespoon and a teaspoon).

Then, I seal the pie on top.

After all the patties are prepared, I brush them with sunflower oil so that the patties have a crispy crust. I tried to grease the pies with egg, the crust of course turns out beautiful, but then the pies quickly become hard.

Bake the patties in oven at 180°C* for about 30 minutes.

If the patties are ready, use their golden crust as a guide! After the oven it is necessary to let the patties cool completely, for this purpose I transfer them to a metal lattice, so that they were aired from all sides.

This is how my meat pies look like after the oven. BON APPETIT, FRIENDS!!!

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
6170.4 Calories
224.9 g
188.1 g
908.8 g
Per Serving:
162.4 Calories
5.9 g
5 g
23.9 g
249.8 Calories
9.1 g
7.6 g
36.8 g

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