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Cooked kibble

Total Servings: 15

Nutritional Value

Very tasty meat patties from Lithuania. They're served hot with broth, but they're just as good chilled. I first read about these pies on the website "Ask Alena" I searched through the bottomless Internet and found a lot of variations of the same cake. One thing is always the same: the filling is made of raw meat and the dough contains sour milk product. I made a kind of symbiosis of all the recipes and this is what we got:

Author of the recipe

Ingredients for kibbinai:

  • Cottage cheese - 200 g
  • Sour cream - 200 g
  • Margarine - 200 g
  • Wheat flour / Flour - 2,5-3 glass
  • Chicken egg - 3 pcs
  • Meat (traditionally lamb, you can pork or experiment) - 500 g
  • Spices (salt, pepper, parsley, dill.)
  • Onions (large) - 1 pc
  • Butter (or broth)

How to cook kibinai step by step with photos

First things first: make the dough. Some sources say to melt margarine, but I take a soft margarine and mash it with some cottage cheese. Then add 1 whole egg and 2 yolks. Knead everything well. (you can salt it a little bit, but I did not do it, for me it is enough salt because of the stuffing)

Now add sour cream and flour. Pour 1.5-2 cups of flour first, then gradually add more. Dough should not be steep. I would even say soft and a little sticky (you have to use flour when making pies). Now we wrap it in clingfilm and put it in the fridge to rest :-)

Meanwhile let's make the stuffing. The meat should be finely chopped with a knife. I think you can use a meat grinder with a coarse grater. Finely chop the onion. And you can add a sprig of parsley and dill.Do not spare the onions, as in the finished form it does not feel at all, and the juice it gives. Salt and pepper it. Let's mix it well. Some sources recommend adding broth (100 ml.), then don't put butter in the pie. I added a couple of spoonfuls for juiciness, and added butter to the pie.

Roll out the patty, put stuffing and butter (little piece) in the middle.Pinch them in a pigtail. Close up the top and bottom of the patty.

And now, as if to intertwine the sides.

Like this.

That's what you get .

You can also do it with a scallop, but for some reason I think a pigtail is more airtight :-)

We put our buns on a baking paper covered (or well oiled) baking sheet.Bake at 170g. for about 40-45 minutes. After our cakes have baked for 25 minutes, they need to be well coated with whipped egg white . Since the filling is raw meat, the heat in the oven must not be too high, and the baking time will be rather long.

Be careful when eating them when they are hot because they are very juicy and may burn you. When they cool down they are also very tasty. My boys pour melted butter into their pie. Try them, I think they will not leave anyone indifferent. :-)

I would like to especially note: for the stuffing you have to take good meat (!), т.e fresh, preferably not frozen, lean and if not pork, veal (today I had 0.5 pork and 0.5 veal - it was very juicy and delicious). The choice of meat determines the final result. :-)Bon appétit, everyone!

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
4088.1 Calories
93.7 g
185.9 g
262.2 g
Per Serving:
272.5 Calories
6.2 g
12.4 g
17.5 g
246.3 Calories
5.6 g
11.2 g
15.8 g

Meat, Flour, Wheat Flour, Butter, Onions, Spices, Juicy, Eggs, Sourcream, Margarine, Flavourful, Cakes, Pastry

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