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Kulebyaka Blushing

Cooked kulebyaka blush

Time to cook: 180 minutes

Total Servings: 6

Nutritional Value

As you know, kulebyaka differs from pie in its narrow and high shape. You can also make it with two or three different fillings. My version of the stuffing - rice - chicken fillet with onion and spinach - hard-boiled eggs. I highly recommend to serve this kulebyaka with the meat broth.

Author of the recipe

Ingredients for kulebyaka "blush":


  • Yeast (TM "SAF-MOMENT" 11 g) - 1 sachet.
  • Milk - 1 glass
  • Wheat flour / Flour (watch the consistency of the dough) - 4 glass
  • Vegetable oil - 4 tablespoon
  • Sugar - 1 tablespoon
  • salt - 1 teaspoon
  • Chicken egg - 3 pcs


  • Chicken fillet - 400 g
  • Vegetable oil (for frying) - to taste
  • Green onions - 0.5 bunch.
  • Cream - 0.5 glass
  • Salt - to taste
  • Black pepper - to taste
  • Nutmeg - to taste
  • Spinach - 1 pouch.
  • Rice (boiled) - 1 glass
  • Chicken Egg (hard-boiled) - 3 units
  • Butter - 100 g

How to cook kulebyaka "Blush" step by step with photos

Dissolve sugar and salt in milk heated to about 40 degrees.

Add TM Yeast to milk "SAF-MOMENT". Stir in liquid.

Now add eggs and stir.

Next comes sifted flour. Knead the dough.

Before kneading is complete add vegetable oil. A well kneaded dough is homogeneous and falls away from the hands easily.

After kneading, cover the dough with flour, put it under a clean cloth and leave in a warm place for at least 1 hour to ferment (after an hour of rest), ideally for 3-3.5 hours with 2-3 kneads.

Here's my dough after resting.

While the dough is resting and waiting for its time, I will make the filling. Boil 1 cup of rice and 3 hard-boiled eggs. Chop chicken fillets in small pieces and fry in oil on low heat.

Add chopped green onions to the filet.

Now I fill the chicken with cream and continue stewing. Now you can salt, pepper and add a pinch of nutmeg.

It's time to add chopped spinach. Stir everything and after a minute turn off the pan.

Roll out the pastry to desired size. Sprinkle the tray with flour.

Spread the first filling layer of boiled rice in a stripe in the middle of the pastry.

Then I put the second layer - chicken fillet with onion and spinach.

Cut boiled eggs into slices and place as the third layer.

Now put chopped pieces of butter on top to make the filling juicy. Pull up the edges of the pastry, pinch together and seal in the middle. Decorate as desired. Brush the top with beaten egg. Make small punctures in 2-3 places with a knife to let steam out during baking and put in a hot oven.

Bake for 35-45 minutes until nicely browned.

Holiday loaf "Blush" Ready to go! It is time to invite everybody to the table for a feast!!!

Enjoy your meal!!!

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
5247.4 Calories
226.5 g
190.3 g
654.5 g
Per Serving:
874.6 Calories
37.8 g
31.7 g
109.1 g
248.7 Calories
10.7 g
9 g
31 g

Chicken Egg, Salt, Black Pepper, Vegetable Oil, Flour, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Butter, Onions, Eggs, Rice, Chicken, Green onions, Milk, Cream, Nutmeg, Spinach, Chicken Fillet, Cake, Cakes, Dough

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