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Lemon marmalade cloud cake

Cooked lemon tart with marshmallow cloud

Nutritional Value

I'm crazy about citrus baked goods. A month ago I was lucky enough to be on the Italian coast, in Praiano, where a hostess at a hotel served delicious lemon tart for breakfast... I've had a craving for lemon tart ever since! I admit, of course, that the recipe isn't exactly the same, but the result is very similar. And when combined with a marshmallow cloud, it makes a very delicate and fluffy dessert. You have to try it! ;)

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Ingredients for lemon marmalade cloud cake:


  • Chicken egg - 4 pcs
  • Sugar - 150 g
  • Wheat flour / Flour - 100 g
  • Potato starch - 100 g
  • Butter - 80 g
  • Dough leavening agent - 1 tablespoon
  • Lemon (zest) - 1 pc


  • Sugar - 4 tablespoon
  • Water - 6 tablespoon
  • Lemon (juice) - 1 pc


  • Marshmallow - 130 g
  • Cream (32-35%) - 300 ml

How to cook lemon marmalade cloud cake step by step with photos

Actually, here it is, the culprit of my anxiety: the same Italian lemon tart, generously drizzled with orange jam ^_^

And we will prepare the products for the pie.

The beauty of this cake is that to make it you do not need to separate the whites from the yolks and whip them separately - it will be high, delicate and fluffy as it is) So we mix sugar and eggs in a bowl at room temperature..

...and beat them with a mixer until they're white and fluffy.

Now forget about the mixer and mix everything with a spatula, without making any sudden movements. Add the lemon zest. Take a big lemon, don't be shy)

In a separate bowl mix flour, starch and baking powder. Sift it all into the dough.

Gently mix with upward motion until homogeneous consistency.

Melt butter, allow to cool and add to the dough. Knead again.

Line the bottom of a spring form (I have a diameter of 24 cm) with parchment, and grease the edges just a little with cooking oil.

Pour the dough into the mold, smooth it out and place it in a preheated 180°C oven. Bake for 40-45 minutes until dry with a wooden toothpick.

We get such a beautiful cake.

We take it out of the cake tin, turn it upside down on a rack and leave it to cool.

And when it cools, put it back in the cake tin (upside down! - so it will soak in better).

Prepare the soaking syrup. For this we mix 4 tablespoon sugar and 6 tablespoon water, put it on the stove and bring it to the boil, stirring. Leave it to cool, while you squeeze out the juice of the lemon. By the time you mix the lemon juice with the syrup, the syrup should be completely cooled, to avoid the flavorings leaking out of the juice! We have a VERY lemon pie) Pour the resulting syrup gently and evenly over the pie.

And now let's make an airy "cloud". For this we put marshmallow and 100 ml of cream in a thick-walled saucepan..

...and melt over medium heat, stirring constantly. I don't want you to move away from the stove. к. The marshmallow melts very quickly and can easily stick to the bottom.

The result will be a bubbly mass, which we leave to cool.

In the meantime we whip the remaining 200 ml of cream until stiff peaks.

Mix cooled marmalade with whipped cream and stir gently with a spatula until smooth.

And we pour all this airy and very tasty mass on the pie. We even it out and put it in the fridge overnight.

In the morning take it out, run a lukewarm knife along the edge of the pie. Take the cake out of the container, cut it into pieces with a lukewarm knife, sprinkle it with white chocolate (it won't be superfluous here).

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
4062.2 Calories
52.4 g
193.8 g
533.6 g
255.5 Calories
3.3 g
12.2 g
33.6 g

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