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Lenten cabbage pie

Cooked Lenten Cabbage Pie

Nutritional Value

I suggest baking a delicious pie with cabbage or any other Lenten filling. The dough is delicious and does not stale for a long time.

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Ingredients for Lenten cabbage pie:


  • Wheat flour / Flour - 700 g
  • Yeast - 30 g
  • Sugar - 1 tablespoon
  • Salt - 2 teaspoon
  • Water - 350 ml
  • Vegetable oil - 50 ml


  • White cabbage / Cabbage (I have sauerkraut) - 1 fork
  • Salt - to taste
  • Black pepper - to taste
  • Tomato paste - 2 tablespoon
  • Onions - 1 piece

How to cook Lenten Cabbage Pie step by step with photos

For the sourdough, crumble the yeast, add sugar, a little warm water from the total amount to cover the yeast and sugar. Stir. Add 3 tablespoon of flour, stir again, cover with a towel and leave for 10-15 minutes to rise. We also take flour from the total amount of products.

When the mixture is ready, pour it into a big bowl and add the rest of the water. Add salt to the flour. Gradually add flour and knead the dough. Everyone's flour varies, you may need 600 to 700 grams, so add it little by little.

When the dough has formed a lump, pour 50 ml of oil into a palm of your hand and pour it into the dough. Knead a soft dough, adding a little flour as needed. Knead the dough for about 5 minutes. When the dough is ready, grease a bowl with vegetable oil, put the dough in it, cover it with a towel and leave in a warm place without draughts for it to rise. I stood for 40 minutes.

When the dough has doubled in size, turn it around, cover it with a towel and let it rise again. This time it will rise faster.

I made the filling by sautéing sauerkraut and adding tomato paste and a few tablespoons. Separately, I fried chopped onions, added them to the cabbage and stirred. You can fry or stew fresh cabbage, make mashed potatoes with roasted potatoes or mushrooms, any lean filling will do.

When the dough has risen for the second time, take it out, rough it up a bit and divide it into two parts.

Take one part of the dough, grease the table with sunflower oil, and spread the dough out. Roll out the dough into a rectangular sheet, about 4-5 mm thick, using your hands or a rolling pin, brush the dough with oil, do not use flour.

On one side make longitudinal cuts with a knife, to make a beautiful pie.

On the other side, place half of the filling in a row.

Cover it with a layer of dough, pinch it.

We wrap the dough carefully into a roll.

I have a 28 cm dish, don't take smaller, but grease it with sunflower oil. Carefully lay out the roll, turning it in a snail's curl.

With the second piece of dough do the same procedure, lay it out in a mold, joining with the first roll. Cover with a towel and let the cake rise for 15 minutes.

Brush the cake with sweet custard and put it in a preheated 180 degrees oven for about 35-45 minutes.

Let the finished pie cool so that it holds its shape better, and then serve it. Goes great with a first course and with tea. Enjoy!!

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
3440 Calories
110 g
52.5 g
643.4 g
123.3 Calories
3.9 g
1.9 g
23.1 g

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