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Meat pie in chard leaves

Cooked meat pie in Swiss chard

Time to cook: 60 minutes

Nutritional Value

A pie is a pastry with a filling. The filling is what sets pies apart from other pastries and makes them so versatile. Lots of pictures and info.

Author of the recipe

Ingredients for meat pie in Swiss chard:

  • Chicken - 1 pc
  • Beet (chard) - 1 unit.
  • Leeks - 2 pcs
  • Garlic
  • Spices
  • Celery root (parsley root)

How to cook meat pie in Swiss chard step by step with photos

Pie dough can be yeast pie dough, puff pastry, or regular pie dough for sweet pies. Pies can be closed-filled (this includes kulebyaka), open-filled (waffles or decorated with "lattice" dough), semi-open-filled (rastegai), and rolls (strudel). But the classification of pies is not limited to this either: in every national cuisine one can find its own original recipes.

Filling for pies can be broadly divided into two categories: sweet - usually berry, fruit or cottage cheese, and unsweetened - with vegetables, meat or fish. No matter what it is, a pie has always been and remains the main dish of any table, ruddy, fluffy and smelling so good that your mouth water. The king of pies, there's no other word for it!

There are a lot of different pie recipes. The variations concern the dough (yeast, sponge or puff pastry), different fillings and appearance: pies can be open, closed and layered.

I just want to introduce you to this variation of making a pie - without a gram of dough. There is no great wisdom in cooking itself, as W. Shakespeare in one of his sonnets: a good dish is when you put the ingredients together, and a delicious dish is when you know which, Or maybe he didn't, maybe I made it up myself, whatever...

So, for this dish we will need the following products: chicken (or substitute, that is minced meat), chard leaves (a little help: chard is a leafy beet.

Mangold, or leaf beet, is a close relative of the common beet. The history of mangold cultivation dates back to Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, where it was actively cultivated and cultivated as a wild sea beetroot. At the same time, beet was also bred. In Russia, beet appeared in the 11th century, and both tops and roots were used as food. Possibly, the ability to use their tops or roots separately contributed to the division of beets into leafy (petiole), called chard (om), and root). And here's where the game begins, you can add something or take something away - it all depends on your tastes and abilities. In my version is parsley root, celery root, garlic, some fresh pepper, leeks, onions, lemon, nuts, 2 eggs, breadcrumbs, well, and kitchen decorations - spices. We will begin with a large, preferably wide and low pan, iron baking dish came in handy. I poured water on the stove to warm it.

Meanwhile, we work on the chicken: free the meat from the bones

And, preferably, chop it with a knife.

You can do the leaves, but make sure you cut off the roots, they are not tasty

And, spreading on the table, cut out the base of the leaf - the white part of it, do not throw away, still useful.

The green part of the leaf we need to put down carefully in boiling water, or as the chefs like to say, blanch for a minute, no more,

Take out and immediately immerse in a cold bath, to stop, so to speak, further cooking. Put the ready sheets in a colander to drain the excess moisture, and cool a little, and we'll do the stuffing itself.

We pour some vegetable oil into a pan and, without letting it get hot, we put chopped garlic, pepper, rosemary and cumin.

When the oil has absorbed the flavors, put the onion and fry until soft, add the chopped parsley and celery,

Mushrooms chopped, do not forget to salt and pepper them, stirring occasionally, let them fry.

Remember, in the first act, we had a gun hanging on a nail, so I'm about those leftover leaves that we cut out and did not throw away, We'll wash them and cut them into little pieces. Especially since it was just about time to add that note to our symphony.

A little patience, a hurry, as you know, is needed only in two cases in life (I will not list, very long), fry the roots to become soft.

And, as we decided that it is ready, we put it in a separate bowl (choose a big enough bowl, it's not the end)

In a pan add a little more oil and put chopped leeks, let fry a little, salt, pepper and, oddly enough, slightly sweeten (a small amount),

Let's add the onions, let's add the meat,

Couple or three minutes, and we're done.

We're looking for our bowl with the roots in the kitchen and we put the second round, stir it and let it cool a little, In the meantime, let's take the mold: oil it and spread the leaves out so that they cover the bottom, but also so that they hang off the sides of the mold

The stuffing has cooled a little, which is what we need, add 2 eggs, three quarters of a cup of breadcrumbs (you can make it yourself)

Yes, I completely forgot about nuts (you can use ANY nuts, or you can leave them out), but with nuts, well, it's VERY yummy!

Chopped parsley greens, mixed everything thoroughly

And we put it in the dish. Cover the sides with the leaves so you can't see the stuffing,

Pour the juice of half a lemon and oil and season with salt

And we send it in the oven heated up to 180 degrees, at least for 45-50 minutes.

As it has ripened we give it to cool a little bit and carefully turn it over on a dish - for further repast in a circle of friends.

After all, in the beginning pies were made and used exclusively for feasts. The word "pirozh" itself, which comes from the Old Russian word pir, indicates that not a single feast could do without pirozh. Cook with pleasure... BON APPETIT!!!

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
1813.2 Calories
262.8 g
55.9 g
65 g
111.9 Calories
16.2 g
3.5 g
4 g

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