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Tender apple pie

Cooked tender pie with apple jam

Time to cook: 100 minutes

Total Servings: 10

Nutritional Value

For all apple pie lovers. I would like to share with you a recipe for delicate apple tart.

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Ingredients for the tender apple pie:

  • Wheat flour / Flour (4.5 1/2 cups = 250 ml) - 550 g
  • Leavening agent - 1 teaspoon
  • Jelly (apple, not thick, 1 jar = 500ml) - 630 g
  • Butter (soft at room temperature.) - 300 g
  • Sugar (2 1/2 cups = 250ml) - 350 g
  • chicken egg (large) - 5 units

How to cook tender apple pie step by step with photos

Bake the pie in a hot oven. Turn oven on. Prepare the foods. Sift flour and mix with baking powder. Make a two-crust pie - prepare a 28cm x 30cm baking sheet (you can make it a little smaller - 25 x 30cm). Line the form with baking paper and prepare another sheet of paper for the second cake (fold it according to your shape).

Cream the butter and sugar. I whipped with a mixer on low speed. If the jam is very sweet, you can reduce the sugar content a little.

Add all eggs at once. Knead with a spoon or mixer on low speed.

The mass is obtained.

Then add flour in portions.

The dough turns out very thick, but we need to stir it well with a spoon, so that there are no lumps of flour. The dough should be homogeneous.

Put half of the dough into a baking-paper form.

And spread it out well and evenly in your mold. Use a silicone spatula, then using your hands slightly moisten the top (it took me about 5 minutes for each crust) and put it in a hot oven at 220 degrees for about 15-25 minutes. I baked it for 25 minutes. Check readiness with a wooden stick as usual; if it's dry, it's done. You don't have to make the crust very crispy, the main thing is not to make the shortcrust pastry too dry. Use your oven as a guide.

While the first crust is in the oven, spread out the second part of the dough on the prepared baking paper.

Place the ready pastry on a cutting board.

The second layer of dough carefully (hot mold!!!) Place in mold and place in oven to bake.

Trim carefully the edges of the crust while it's still hot.

You can see the texture of the crust in the picture.

Make crumb crumbs from the shortcrust pastry scraps to sprinkle over the pie crust.

Spread a thick layer of marmalade on the cooled cake (leave 2-3 tbsp). l for the top layer and 2 to 3 tablespoon for the second layer). This tart is very tasty with apple puree: 2 kg of sour apples (peel and finely chop), pour 1 glass of sugar, add 0.5 glass of water and simmer on low. 4 g heat for 20 minutes. Puree.

Spread a thin layer of marmalade on the second cold crust.

Pinch together the slices, spread with the marmalade.

Spread the cake with the remaining marmalade and sprinkle with some of the crumbs.

Press the cake for at least 4 hours and MUST leave it to soak for at least 8 hours. Remove the press and put the pie in a polyethylene sachet overnight. Cook it in the evening - it will be ready in the morning.

After 8 hours of soaking, sprinkle the cake with the remaining crumbs from the cake trimmings. And cut into cakes.

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
7505.7 Calories
88 g
284.6 g
1152 g
Per Serving:
750.6 Calories
8.8 g
28.5 g
115.2 g
354 Calories
4.2 g
13.4 g
54.3 g

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