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The most budget cakes From Aunt Maya

Cooked most budget pies from auntie mai

Time to cook: 90 minutes

Total Servings: 10

Nutritional Value

Today I'm going to introduce you to the amazing "Aunt May's pies" (that's right, without "й", because my favorite neighbor, who, unfortunately, has been gone for many years, was Malvina, according to her passport.) My mother and I have a lot of great Jewish and other recipes from Aunt Mai. Here's one of them. THE CHEAPEST POTATO CAKES I'VE EVER MADE The secret is that the dough is made with the water in which the mashed peeled potatoes were boiled. That way we don't even waste extra water and salt! I have to say that I usually have quite a lot of dough, and it can be easily frozen or even made into a bain-marie for the future. So, do not rush to pour out the valuable ingredient!

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Ingredients for the most economical pies "from auntie mai":


  • Water (The salted water in which the mashed potatoes were boiled! This is our "secret" ingredient) - 300 ml
  • Vegetable oil (1-2 tbsp. oil will go into the dough itself 2-3 tbsp. spoons are for greasing the inside of the cake the rest is for crumbling the patties) - 100 ml
  • Wheat flour / Flour (The amount is approximate, it depends on the flour itself, the dough takes a decent amount of flour. The main thing is! It should not stick to your hands but should remain elastic.) - 600 g


  • Mashed potatoes (There should be plenty of stuffing! It's best to practice potato mash with your favorite additions: from just fried onions to meat, minced meat, mushrooms, etc. д. The main thing is! It must not be runny!) - 2 l

How to cook the most budget cakes "from auntie mai" step by step with photos

You boil the potatoes, salt them well, pour almost all the water into a bowl or directly into a bowl you plan to knead the dough in. Mashed potato them, thickly, with almost no water added. Made it into your favorite filling for pies. I'm telling you right away, there must be a lot of filling! I had a 2-liter pot for one portion of patties. This time I made the easiest version: I sauteed onions until soft, black pepper, added it all to the mashed potatoes and it's done. The stuffing is cooling

During this time, the water, drained from the mashed potatoes has cooled in a bowl, we pour about a tablespoon of vegetable oil (it is very important that it was odorless, refined is best) and add flour. ALL! The dough is 1) salted water with mashed potatoes 300-500 ml 2) vegetable oil 1-2 tbsp. l 3) flour (as much as it will take), it may be different for everyone, this time I had about 1 kg of flour for 500 ml The dough takes a decent amount. Knead thoroughly. I like to work when it's still warm, it feels really good 😏 The dough should stop sticking to your hands and table, but remain elastic. It turns out quite a lot, usually for a portion - a tray and 2 liters of filling - I have about half of the resulting volume from a cup of water. You can work with it right away, you can put it in the fridge, I even like it better after the fridge.

The magic is next... See. Photo 1) Roll out into a very large thin crust (about 1 mm). The bigger and thinner the better!

2) On the edge, stepping back a few centimeters, Put the filling on the edge. The 99 level masters can experiment with other types, for example, very tasty with fried cabbage with raisins, but there is more trouble with wrapping... about it further. It is possible to alternate several kinds of stuffing... For example: some of the potatoes, then the cabbage and mushrooms and a piece of "sausage" In the form of fried minced meat with onions - clean or mixed with the same mashed potatoes...

3) Spread the stuffing a little without closing the circle, literally 2-3 cm. PHOTO


5) begin to wrap the filling also in a circle, constantly as if lifting and pulling, stretching the dough. See. PHOTO (so thin you can see your fingers). Stretched a little edge, threw on the "the sausage", Grasped the hands, and then twist inward as in a roll or rolls, only in a circle and taut. To make the layers as thin as possible.

The dough can tear in some places, stuffing may stick out somewhere - no big deal, just tear it and roll it further. Gradually it tears in the center and you get a long "snake" with a lot of filling and a lot of thin layers of dough.

6) here we look at the time, forces, patience, desire, etc. п... you can go crazy, grease this "snake" with butter, spiral into a pie "Snail", Especially if the circle consisted of several fillings (potatoes, cabbage, minced meat, for example...), and send it to the oven in the form of a large pie.

BUT! In the original at Aunt May's, we made a bunch of little pampushkiy type pies. 7) For this one, we "cut off" walnut-sized patties with the palm of our hand. See. PHOTO.

8) We dip each patty in vegetable oil, like pampushki, and place it on a baking tray. It is convenient for me to pour the oil in one corner, dip and spread the patties not too close together. The filling will come out - that's normal. That's why I said that you have to get used to the cabbage.

Stretch it out "♪ snake ♪", We slice the patties with the palm of our hand, dip them in oil and put them on a baking tray... In the meantime, heat the oven to 180 or 200 degrees. Let's put them in the oven. At 200 degrees brown on all sides golden patties are ready in 20 minutes. If the oven does not bake evenly, you can flip them to the other side when one side has browned. They are very delicious served with sour cream, tartar sauce, mushroom sauce or garlic sauce... If you have time :) The dough will be crispy at first. If you let them rest for a while, the dough will become softer. They're delicious both warm and cold. As I write this, half the baking tray is gone 😂

P S sounds complicated, it's actually simple I like the dough not unleavened, so I salt the water a little more than usual on mashed potatoes. I haven't tried sweet stuffing, but I think if you don't make a very salty water, you can make something with cottage cheese and raisins, it will be something like a waffle. The oil I used was about 100 ml.

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
6411.2 Calories
125.2 g
274.7 g
866.6 g
Per Serving:
641.1 Calories
12.5 g
27.5 g
86.7 g
169.6 Calories
3.3 g
7.3 g
22.9 g

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