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Twisted Chocolate Cake

Cooked Twisted Cake with Chocolate

Nutritional Value

It's winter, snowing, and freezing outside, but it's warm and cozy at home and the aroma of baked goods is wafting. What could be better on these winter days than a cup of tea with a gorgeous, original, twisted chocolate-filled pie! Of course this recipe is not a quick one, but believe me the time spent for preparation of this cake will be more than compensated by the admiration of relatives, originality and taste of this cake. And if you serve this cake to guests, your work will be greatly appreciated.

Author of the recipe

Ingredients for the twisted cake with chocolate:

  • Yeast (fresh) - 30 g
  • Kefir - 400 ml
  • Sugar - 100 g
  • Butter - 100 g
  • Salt (1 gr)
  • Chicken egg - 3 pcs
  • Wheat flour / Flour - 700 g
  • semolina - 50 g
  • Dark Chocolate - 100 g
  • Cream - 2 tablespoon
  • Jam (as thick as you like)

How to cook Twisted Chocolate Chip Cake step by step with photos

Let's start our pie making, of course, with a great mood. к. The dough is yeast dough, and it doesn't like to be in a bad mood. I make yeast dough only with my hands, because. к. It seems to me that it tastes better with bodily contact than it does with the bread machine. So let's start with the sourdough: we take 100 ml. of kefir, warm it up to just above room temperature.

We add to the kefir yeast and 2 teaspoon of sugar, stir until it dissolves, and leave it for 15 minutes to let the yeast until a cap forms.

In the meantime, prepare the rest of the ingredients for the dough so we have them on hand.

Lightly whisk the eggs with 1 pint of salt.

Pour the remaining kefir into the bowl where we will be kneading the dough, and heat it to room temperature.

At this time our batter has risen.

Now add to the kefir our starter, sugar, beaten eggs and mix.

Then add 1/3 of the flour and semolina (my grandmother taught me to add semolina to yeast dough, in order to make the dough fluffier). Knead until smooth.

Then add 1/3 more of flour and room temperature butter, chopped in pieces. Knead, add remaining flour and start to knead our dough. While doing this you can talk to the dough, praise it or sing a funny song to it (it's alive))).

If necessary, depending on your flour, while kneading add more flour, but not much, so the dough doesn't become "heavy". When the dough is kneaded, knock it a few times on the table. This is the kind of dough we make. We put the dough in a bowl, cover with cling film or a lid and leave it in a warm place for about 1 hour to rise.

When the time is up we start making our filling. We take the cream and chocolate.

Place them in a saucepan and heat over low heat, stirring until the chocolate is melted.

We get a homogeneous mass like this.

When our pastry has risen, take it out, lay it on a table and roll out into a sheet about 1 cm thick.

Grease the rolled out layer with melted chocolate.

Then fold the right side in the middle.

Cover the left side.

Fold the far side into the middle.

Fold the middle part under the bottom. And that's how we get the curdle.

Then roll out our roll into a rectangle to the size of your baking tray.

Then cut the resulting roll into 1-2 cm wide strips. Roll up each strip in a roll and place it on a baking tray lined with baking paper.

Lay the rolls flat next to each other. When all the rolls are placed, cover our baking tray and leave to rise for 20 minutes. Once the time is up, put our tray in the oven preheated to 180 degrees for 20-30 minutes, referring to your oven.

Bake the cake until golden. At the end of time we have such a twisted layer. At this stage it is already tasty; the cozy smell of chocolate and yeast pie is wafting around the house.

Then we place the twisted layers on a baking paper-lined table, turning them upside down.

While the layer is still hot, immediately smear it with any thick jam, at your discretion. I took cherry jam, since. к. The combination of cherries and chocolate is really something.

Then fold our cake from the edge to the center: the right and left sides of the cake wrap on top.

And that's how we do it. We put a towel over the pie and leave it to cool down. I left it for the night.

In the morning, if we are strong enough to resist, we make fresh tea...

We slice our cake and call our friends...

And we help ourselves!!!

This is how fluffy and delicious the pie is.

Sliced up close...

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
4920 Calories
130.8 g
158.2 g
750.5 g
296.4 Calories
7.9 g
9.5 g
45.2 g

Salt, Flour, Wheat Flour, Cherry, Sugar, Butter, Sweet, Eggs, Cream, Kefir, Baking, Jam, Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Cakes, Cereals, Pastry

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