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Warm orange and coconut pie

Cooked warm orange and coconut pie

Time to cook: 40 minutes

Total Servings: 30

Nutritional Value

Yes, yes, it's warm. The original recipe calls for it to be served warm, but trust me, it tastes just as good when it cools down as it did when it came out of the oven. The delicate sponge, the crunchy coconut topping, and the subtle flavor of orange - well, isn't that bliss? I invite you to this wonderful dessert! I was assisted by a German magazine "For Every Day" ( "Fuer jeden Tag").

Author of the recipe

Ingredients for warm orange coconut cake:

  • Wheat flour / Flour (for dough) - 350 g
  • Sugar (for dough -300 g; for sprinkles -100 g) - 400 g
  • chicken egg (for dough) - 3 units
  • Kefir (in the batter, 1% fat) - 300 ml
  • Dough leavening agent (15g of batter) - 1 package.
  • Orange (into the dough-peel; into the filling-5 tbsp.l. juice) - 1 pc
  • Salt (in the dough, pizza)
  • Coconut chips (for sprinkles) - 50 g
  • Almonds (for sprinkles, peeled, chopped) - 50 g
  • Cream (in the filling, 30% of fat) - 200 ml

How to cook warm orange and coconut pie step by step with photos

Our products, without which we can't do without!

Wash and dry thoroughly the orange, then use a fine grater to remove the zest, leave the white skin on.

In a suitable container beat the eggs with 300 g of sugar and pinch of salt. Whisk until creamy, preferably with a mixer, about 5 minutes. Add orange zest and mix.

Combine the flour and baking powder and sift through a sieve.

Add the kefir and flour with baking powder to the beaten egg mass. I whisked everything with a mixer on low speed.

Chop peeled almonds with a knife, not into a crumble, just fine. I had whole almonds, already peeled. If you do not have them, you need to pour boiling water over ordinary almonds for 10 minutes, drain the water, remove the skin, dry and chop them. In this recipe, you don't need to toast, roast or flame the almonds.

Mix 100 g of sugar and 50 g each of ground almonds and coconut in a separate bowl.

Pour the batter into a baking paper-lined rectangular dish 30x40 cm (mine is 30x27 by base). Spread the coconut-almond-sugar sprinkles evenly over the entire cake.

Do not forget to preheat the oven - 180 degrees. We put the pie on the middle level of the oven and bake it for 20-25 minutes.

While the cake is baking, prepare the filling. We need 200 ml of 30% cream and 5 tbsp.l. orange juice. A small orange is about 5-6 cl.l. of juice. I recommend straining the freshly squeezed juice through a sieve. Mix the cream with the juice.

After 20-25 minutes, take the pie out of the oven and, armed with a toothpick, apply frequent "pricks" all over the pie surface. Then we quickly and gently soak the hot pie with the creamy orange filling (I poured it with a tablespoon). Like this.

It soaks in quickly.

Let it cool a little while. Let's cut it into lozenges, squares, etc.п. and preferably serve warm.

I tried it both warm and completely cooled, it was delicious in any way! As the saying goes, nothing can spoil the beauty...

Bon appetit, my dears!!!!

P.S. I want to please those counting calories: 1 bite = 137 Kcal. Well, that's if you follow the recipe, ie.е. one bite out of 30. You can afford it, can't you??

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
4559.1 Calories
86.3 g
151.4 g
721.3 g
Per Serving:
152 Calories
2.9 g
5 g
24 g
266.6 Calories
5 g
8.9 g
42.2 g

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