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Yogurt Cupcake with Raisins

Cooked yogurt cupcake with raisins

Time to cook: 90 minutes

Delicious cake with a tender texture and a slight lemon flavor.

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Caramel Carrot Cake

Cooked Caramel Carrot Cake

While checking out Andy the Chef's (aka Andrey Rudkov) blog, I came across a new recipe for carrot cake. Along with fancy fancy recipes he has some wonderful, simple recipes with awesome results. Without a moment's hesitation, I baked this pie, but I confess-caramel did not come out the first time. The first time something went wrong and it rolled up into balls. The second time, I didn't change anything, but it was fine! The pie comes out with a great texture and is fragrant!. You can take spices to your liking, add, for example, cloves. The cream can be used any way, I've chosen a simple way - I mixed sour cream with powdered sugar and added a little gelatin, as sour cream turned out to be too thin. Of course, I couldn't decorate it the way Andrew did, but I tried. Thank you, Andrew for sharing your recipes and your secrets.

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Spring Cupcake

Cooked Spring Cake

Time to cook: 60 minutes

Total Servings: 6

The classic combination of nuts and prunes is always a win-win! Here's another version of a puffy nutty pastry with sweet and sour prune pieces. And the reason for this was the birthday of a wonderful and merry cook! Stop by!

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Poppy seed cake

Cooked Cupcake with Poppy and Dried Fruits

Baking cupcakes for Christmas has long been a tradition. I love recipes for quick baked goods, without the week-long aging process. I would like to present you one of them. It's made with available products. The only unusual ingredient is whole wheat flour, but it can be easily replaced with regular wheat flour. Flavors of spices, ground poppy seeds, dried fruit soaked in brandy, cane sugar - you will love this cake!

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Apple cupcake with sour taste

Cooked Apple Cake with Sourdough

Time to cook: 60 minutes

Total Servings: 8

There are a lot of apple cakes on this site, and some that are similar, so I was not going to post this recipe, but yesterday I baked it again, probably for the hundredth time, and decided that this recipe should definitely be posted on the site. The recipe is very simple, the work with it a minimum, but a maximum of pleasure then. The recipe for this flavorful muffin was found on one of the cooking sites, but it was altered a little bit, thanks a lot to Julliet!

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Yeast Cake

Cooked Cupcake

This makes a delicious cupcake, with nuts and chocolate strawberry jam (which I've already featured here). Only for some reason it didn't rise well. Either the yeast was old, or the flour was bad. But we ate it anyway, since it was good in principle.

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Carrot Cakes

Cooked Carrot Cakes

Total Servings: 12

Delicious and easy-to-make cupcakes with ingredients mixed with a whisk. They include grated apples, which can be replaced with pineapples, raisins or currants if desired. And the creamy glaze that coats the surface of the cupcakes creates such a richness of flavor! It is simply impossible to tear yourself away!

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Wholesome Snack Cake

Cooked Cheesecake Muffins are a healthy snack

At work all the time my hand reaches for sweets, and it is fraught with consequences for health and figure. So I decided to make a healthy snack. These muffins are convenient to take with you not only to work, but also for a walk with the baby. In general, eat right and enjoy delicious muffins.

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Carrot Cakes with Dates

Cooked Carrot Cakes with Dates

Time to cook: 60 minutes

Total Servings: 8

Carrot cake has always been a tradition at Christmastime. Today I'm making carrot cake with dates and walnuts. The seasoning of ginger and cinnamon adds a New Year's hint of flavor. I suggest sprinkling with powdered sugar.

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Lemon Hazelnut streusel muffins

Cooked lemon cupcakes with pecan streusel

I want to wish all the cooks a Merry Christmas and offer you the taste of tender cupcakes with a bright lemon flavor and raisins inside under a sweet, nutty streusel muffin!

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Cottage cheese cake with raisins

Cooked Cheesecake with Raisins

A very fluffy, fragrant and delicious cupcake! Cake with cottage cheese is wonderful on its own, and even more so when combined with raisins and orange zest! There are a lot of curd cakes on the site, of course, but when I typed in the ingredients search, I didn't find any. Maybe it's because I have a cupcake with vegetable oil, not butter, and with added starch. I would be glad if my muffin recipe could be of use to anyone. For me it has the perfect proportions!

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Milk Girl Cupcakes

Cooked Dairy Girl Cups

I'm just in love with the cake of the same name. I make it for the most important events in our family. And here Irina Kutovaya suggested cupcakes with the same name and composition. Only, of course, the dough should be a little thicker. I couldn't stay away and made them. Of course, the tenderness that the older brother has.. "of my big brother" but they're great as a bite-sized treat. Now I have an idea of making them for the whole clan: a cake surrounded by cupcakes.

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Nutella Choco Cake with Ice Cream

Cooked Cheese Choco-Cherry Muffin with Ice Cream

Continuing to experiment with ice cream in baked goods. This time with chocolate ice cream... I was pleasantly surprised that in the end it tasted really good. )))) I should not pour chocolate on it, because it interrupts the whole taste. And cherry is here for juiciness... My husband brought 7 kilos of cherries from Uzbekistan. We all ate them, and the rest had to be used up!... )))

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A classic semolina cake with milk

Cooked classic semolina on milk

Time to cook: 120 minutes

Total Servings: 6

When I saw that a contest by the manufacturer Mistral started, where you have to cook any dish using their products, I was very happy, because I've never participated in such competitions before, and this is kind of a debut for me, and I really like Mistral products. I decided not to cook any complicated dishes, and bake everyone's favorite classic semolina with milk, which always turns out puffy, tender and very delicious!

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Cinnamon Kranz

Cooked Cinnamon Crunch

Kranz is a twisted yeast muffin. Here is a wonderful cinnamon kranz for your Easter table

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Pear crispy cupcake

Cooked pear muffin with crunchy crust

Tender, fluffy, delicious, with a nice crispy crust of oatmeal streusel, and the pear adds a wonderful fruity flavor without making the cupcake at all dry! Welcome to the tea party!

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Lemon Cake

Cooked lemon muffin

Time to cook: 75 minutes

Total Servings: 5

Very tender, fragrant, light, a little moist, beautiful cake. It tastes wonderful - fresh and so warm) If you still have doubts about lemon bars, believe me, after this cake you'll become a fan! I made it as a gift for my parents, everyone was very pleased))) The recipe is from my LiveJournal.

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Apple Tender Cake

Cooked apple muffin tender

Remember baby food "Tenderloin"? Here's a hello from him to everybody!)))) muffin without eggs and no butter in the dough)

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