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Profiteroles Choup Choup Choup Choup Choup Choup Choup Choup Choup Choup Choup Choup Choup

Cooked Profiteroles Chupa Chups

Time to cook: 45 minutes

Total Servings: 15

French cooking has a wonderful recipe for custard dough profiteroles. And I'll share an idea on how you can make profiteroles not only tastier, but also more interesting. This is a dessert that kids are going to love. Profiteroles are usually filled with custard, and this is where Haas helps us out with their vanilla-flavored, ready-made custard.

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Jelly cake with fruit

Cooked jelly cake with fruit

Time to cook: 60 minutes

Dear cooks, I propose you the recipe for the jelly cake with fruits! I saw the idea on the web, made some changes in it and here is my result! It is possible that someone may find it useful. I can also add that the cake is very delicious!

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Pearl porridge with mushrooms

Cooked pearl porridge with mushrooms

Time to cook: 60 minutes

Total Servings: 4

Pretty simple and easy-to-make recipe that's great for Lent and beyond. Try it and see how delicious Lenten food can be.

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Easy Honeysuckle Soufflé

Cooked Honeysuckle Light Soufflé

Time to cook: 45 minutes

Total Servings: 8

I recently became the happy owner of the book by A. Seleznev's book "Low calorie desserts". These recipes are especially relevant now, in the summer! Here is the first recipe I made from this book. Light as a cloud, airy, delicate soufflé. It's true that in the original recipe it was blueberry, but in the season of fresh ripe honeysuckle I decided to show this recipe with it. 100 grams of dessert contains only 121 kcal! If you are interested, come in!

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Plum curd dessert in 15 minutes

Cooked plum curd dessert in 15 minutes

Time to cook: 15 minutes

Total Servings: 3

This is a delicious plum dessert with fat-free cottage cheese "Quick & Delicious"!

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Lentil porridge with chanterelles and peppers

Cooked Lentil Porridge with Chanterelles and Peppers

Time to cook: 25 minutes

Total Servings: 2

Lentils are one of my family favorites, the combination of them with chanterelles and peppers is simply indescribable, the porridge is nutritious, healthy and delicious!

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Joe-Joe's Pirate's Chest Cake

Cooked cake jo jo pirate chest

Once upon a time there lived a little pirate called Jo-Jo. He traveled through all the seas and saw a lot of people and came ashore. And he had a lot of treasures, but he didn't have a beautiful chest to put them in. So one day he decided to make his own treasure chest...

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Eclair Cake Dessert

Cooked eclair cake

Time to cook: 150 minutes

Total Servings: 6

Even though the recipe is a big one, this cake isn't hard to make and it's very fast. I made it twice. The first time I added 500g of whipping cream to the Bavarian mousse, the second time I substituted some of the cream with sour cream, and that version of the cake seemed perfect to me. My family and guests were of the same opinion. Incredibly tasty! The custard tarts, thanks to their soft, airy texture, went perfectly with the very delicate structure of the Bavarian mousse, which just melted in your mouth. I recommend this delicious dessert.

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Ginger cream brulee with tangerines

Cooked ginger crème brûlée and tangerines

Time to cook: 120 minutes

Total Servings: 2

A wonderful dessert to serve on any table. Smoothie with tangerines, ginger and cinnamon.

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Coffee-vanilla plaits

Cooked Coffee and Vanilla

Cookies for the contest "Silver Line for the joy of children". My son, unlike me, loves contests, and I don't think he will rest until June 1. Try these delicious and flavorful cookies. We are absolutely delighted with them!!!

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Candied Pears

Cooked Candied Pears

I recently decided to make candied pears, but I could not find any candied pears on my favorite cookbook. It seems that there is nothing difficult? - You can make them by analogy. But I am such a lady that I need a specific recipe. I finally found a suitable one on the Internet, made candied pears - and in 2 days I gobbled up half of them))). It's a great alternative to candy - my little nephew really likes it!

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Chocolate Cherry Tale Cake

Cooked Cake Chocolate Cherry Tale

Once again, a cake made of "wet" Again moist and soft, with a nutty note, but this time with cherries and nuts. My husband loves these quick and moist cakes - so I'm trying. Try it!!

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First Kiss Cake

Cooked cake

Why First? Probably because it's very delicate. Two soft layers of cake, in between layers of the most delicate white cake soufflé. An airy and tender pastry. A cake from a "cherished notebook" from Soviet times. For the "School Time" contest.

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Raspberry Fairy Tale Cake

Cooked raspberry tart

Time to cook: 60 minutes

Total Servings: 16

Dear cooks, I would like to offer you a recipe for a truly fabulous tart with the softest pastry and exquisite filling, reminiscent of an airy pink marshmallow. Enjoying it with its wonderful taste and pink tenderness, close your eyes for a moment and sink into a forgotten world of children's fairy tales, where beautiful princesses stroll in rose gardens enjoying the singing of nightingales and dreaming of princes just as beautiful, where all dreams come true and where love and good always win!

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Eggs under cheese on a bed of vegetables

Cooked eggs under cheese on a bed of vegetables

Time to cook: 20 minutes

Total Servings: 2

Very tasty and spicy egg dish with veggies. Especially delicious when you dip the vegetables and cheese in a piece of bread or tortilla. For the recipe thanks to Eugene Shaker.

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Golden Autumn Cake

Cooked cake autumn golden

The cake was made according to my own taste preferences, I was very worried about how such a large amount of pumpkin puree would affect the taste, the aftertaste - but everything turned out just great - there's no strongly pronounced pumpkin flavor, there is a subtle velvety aftertaste!!! And the taste of the cake is the taste of golden fall, even I miss the golden sunny days! Help yourself!

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Dark Night Cakes

Cooked Brownies Dark Night

Time to cook: 40 minutes

Total Servings: 10

I was surprised at how uncomplicated this is, the easiest way to make delicious brownies. For some reason I had never seen this recipe before. A friend of mine shared it with me the other day, and I put it aside. I made it once for my men for tea, and now I don't have time to replenish my supply of cocoa powder. Especially the cakes were appreciated by my little son who is a big expert in the sphere of sweet and tasty things. The kid's experience in this area is considerable. I didn't think he'd be surprised. But he took a sample, and..... and we stopped the kid with all the help in the world. Sneaking into the kitchen and sneaking a piece. Just by the smeared face, you could tell what he was so glowing about. ¶ my son announced that it was ¶ "♪ Sweet and delicious night ♪" and demanded an encore of the recipe. It's a mystery to me what my sweet tooth found so special about these chocolate chunks?

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Crispy Paradise Dessert

Cooked Dessert Crunchy Heaven

A very tasty dessert made of a very tender and crispy pastry and cream with a raspberry flavor. When you press it lightly with a fork, the pastry crumbles and you can taste the slight crunch and the subtle raspberry flavor

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