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Meat Salad recipes

Spicy Grazia Jam

Cooked Jam Grazia

Time to cook: 200 minutes

A colleague of mine brought a jar of jam to work. I don't like sweets, but out of politeness I asked what it was made of? The answer baffled me... Hot peppers and bell peppers. - And what do you eat it with??? - was my next question... - With cheese, or just on breadcrumbs. I love anything spicy and anything unusual... A thought flashed through my head, I remembered the words of Vysotsky: "Me, Vanya, I want the same one!". So I asked for the recipe for this wonderful, unusual, spicy jam. I named the jam after a colleague of mine.

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Glazed cottage cheese

Cooked frosted cheesecakes

Time to cook: 20 minutes

Total Servings: 6

Delicate, flavorful, creamy dessert with a subtle chocolate kick! Quick and easy to prepare, looks delicious!!

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Soft caramel dessert with chocolate

Cooked cottage cheese dessert with soft caramel and chocolate

Total Servings: 5

My kids love the Valentine's Day holiday!!! I wanted to please them, so I made this simple, but tasty and beautiful cottage cheese dessert!!! I hope you like it too, dear cooks!!!

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Spicy Beetroot Confit

Cooked confit Spicy Beetroot

Thick, bright beet confit with lemon caramel flavor with a tangy hint of sweet soy sauce. Very unusual, interesting and soulful. Beet confit is excellent with crackers, cheese, or as an addition to pancakes, pancakes, etc. п.. Enjoy!

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Frosted Cottage Cheese

Cooked Cottage Cheese Frosting

Time to cook: 30 minutes

Total Servings: 4

Tender curd cheesecake with flavorful cherries under a layer of chocolate icing. Mmmm... A cosmic combination!

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Baked Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Cooked Pancakes with Cheese, baked

Oh those pancakes! Every hostess has her own recipe! Her favorite toppings! I want to share my recipe! Baked Cottage Cheese Pancakes! They're so tender, Just melt in your mouth. Try it!

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Delicate pudding

Cooked tender pudding

Total Servings: 6

Pudding with cottage cheese and lots of cream.

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Beet jam

Cooked beet jam

Original taste and can be made at any time of year! We had oranges lying around and no one was eating... This is how my daughter and I came up with this interesting jam! It tastes great!!!

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Fun Race Casserole


Time to cook: 50 minutes

Juicy, sweet and wholesome cottage cheese casserole with a fresh pumpkin flavor. For the little unhealthy eaters.

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Blueberry jam with black currant

Cooked blueberry jam with blackcurrant

In summer we have a lot to do and the main thing is to have time not only to gather and enjoy the harvest, but also to prepare it for the future. So here's a great recipe for blueberry jam with a zesty twist and a hint of blackcurrant flavor.

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Orange and Danish Souffle

Cooked orange and date soufflé

Time to cook: 55 minutes

Total Servings: 6

I'm a big fan of cottage cheese desserts, so I'm more than happy to "throw myself at" for anything new. I made souffle for the first time today, let's try it with you)))

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Apple jelly with nuts

Cooked apple jelly with walnuts

And this jelly is not plain, but with walnuts, and also with lemon. You have to agree that it is a bit unusual and even entertaining.

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Apricot Eudocia Jam

Cooked eudocia apricot jam

Everyone has their own memories of childhood... One of my fondest memories is of a sweet my grandmother used to make - "Apricot slices traveling in syrup". Now my grandmother is older and makes less of them, but now I have grown up and can treat her)))

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Banana Jam Everybody Loves It

Cooked banana jam is everyone's favorite

I love different combinations in jams, a few years ago I tried banana jam and it made its way to our table - with pancakes, pancakes, on sweet sandwiches, and even with cheese good! Velvety, silky, delicate, with a hint of orange and lemon?

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Curd casserole with yogurt and dried apricots

Cooked Cheese Casserole with Yogurt and dried apricots

Time to cook: 90 minutes

Total Servings: 4

Cottage cheese is very good for human body, so it should be eaten regularly. Why not make a feast for yourself and bake a casserole of this healthy product? And in the base you can add not only cream, but also thermostatic yogurt. And how to cook easily and simply yogurt at home I will tell in the recipe.

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Lemon Lilac Jam

Cooked Lemon Lilac Jam

Many people tried lilac flowers as a child, but hardly any jam. I was very curious to taste it when I read the recipe in the book by M. Vishnevsky. В. and Zamyatinaya N. g. "Cooking with Wild Grown-Ups". The preparation for this jam will require patience and labor, but the resulting flavor and aroma at the finish is worth it. Everyone is welcome to try! Enjoy the spring dessert!

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Butter Cheese Enigma Cheese Casserole

Cooked Cheese Curd Casserole with Cream Cheese

Time to cook: 15 minutes

Total Servings: 6

Why it's a mystery? Because no one could tell there was no flour. This is a very cheesy casserole, my kids really love it. Lately I've become very fond of flourless baked goods, no hassle and delicious results! My husband likes to have breakfast with this casserole, it is light because there is no flour, but it is hearty with the addition of cream cheese. For me and the kids, it's usually an afternoon snack. This one melts in your mouth anyway!!! I highly recommend it!!! This recipe was shared by a friend, who unfortunately already lives very far away, but when I make this casserole I always think of her.

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Jelly Peach Jam with Citrus

Cooked jelly-jelly of peaches and citrus

Time to cook: 60 minutes

By request... My favorite jam recipe! Quick, easy, very flavorful, pretty, sweet and delicious, of course. Best of all, this recipe can be used to make jam from any fruit or berry. My "assortment" always apricot, peach, cherry, currant, and gooseberry! Today I'm making it with peaches. Help yourself!

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