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Powdered sugar recipes

Chocolate cupcakes with coconut-cheese filling

Cooked chocolate cupcakes with cottage cheese filling

Total Servings: 20

If you don't know what these muffins are made of, no one will ever guess. Moderately sweet and topped with additional sweetened coconut cheesecake filling, these muffins are delicious. Both adults and children will love these muffins.

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Yogurt Cupcake with Raisins

Cooked yogurt cupcake with raisins

Time to cook: 90 minutes

Delicious cake with a tender texture and a slight lemon flavor.

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A Quick Solution Cake

Cooked Cake Quick Cake Solution

Candy eaters, everyone over here!!! I want to share my favorite no-bake cake recipe! Very tasty and easy! It's a cake to fit any occasion. With a little bit of imagination and decoration, it's ready to be written in the New Year 2018 dishes!

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The Princess on the Pea Dessert

Cooked dessert princess on the pea

Time to cook: 15 minutes

Total Servings: 2

A very quick dessert. When you can make something original and not too caloric from an ordinary product..!

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Soft caramel dessert with chocolate

Cooked cottage cheese dessert with soft caramel and chocolate

Total Servings: 5

My kids love the Valentine's Day holiday!!! I wanted to please them, so I made this simple, but tasty and beautiful cottage cheese dessert!!! I hope you like it too, dear cooks!!!

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Baked Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Cooked Pancakes with Cheese, baked

Oh those pancakes! Every hostess has her own recipe! Her favorite toppings! I want to share my recipe! Baked Cottage Cheese Pancakes! They're so tender, Just melt in your mouth. Try it!

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Lenten raisin muffin

Cooked Lenten Raisin Cake

Time to cook: 70 minutes

Total Servings: 14

Tender, fragrant cupcake with raisins. Fluffy, soft, a little moist, not dry...

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Plum Brownies

Cooked plum tarts

Time to cook: 45 minutes

Total Servings: 12

As the name says, with plums. Now we have a large prune, which is wonderful for this type of pastry. (Sorry about the photo - it was taken with my phone, so I can't convey the beauty of these cakes)

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Brownies with nuts

Cooked sponge cake with walnuts

Time to cook: 30 minutes

Total Servings: 6

Might as well make some yummy cakes for a quickie.

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Caviar Sweet Dessert Cake and Cake Stuffing

Cooked Caviar Sweet Dessert Cake and Cupcakes

Continuing to post mock desserts. Maybe a dessert "Eye" startled you, then you can play a prank on your loved ones with this dish, who will think it's fish roe, but taste the berry sweet flavor. The transparent juice is obtained "natural caviar", and from opaque, like beads (photo of 2 options in the recipe). Oddly enough, this kind of dessert "caviar" is also useful because it is made from freshly squeezed juice, contains a lot of gelatin, and it is useful for people suffering from joint diseases, arthritis, hair loss. I also offer serving options "caviar" on cupcakes. The muffins in this recipe are soft and the crumb is white.

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Oven cutlets

Cooked cutlets from the oven

Time to cook: 60 minutes

Total Servings: 6

Tasty, juicy meatballs. Baked in the oven, so no harm for your health. A fresh twist is added with bell peppers and herbs. Recommended by.

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Make-A-Wish Dessert

Cooked Make-A-Wish Dessert

Time to cook: 25 minutes

Total Servings: 7

After watching the fairy tale about the girl Zhenya we decided with our daughter to make a delicious magical dessert, on New Year's Eve it is sure to grant any wish. The only thing - it will be necessary to say before a treat: "Fly, fly, petal, ♪ Through the west to the east ♪, Through the north, through the south, Come back in a circle. ♪ When you touch the ground ♪ - # To have it my way". Wish everyone the best of luck in the new year!!!

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Dumplings Discovery

Cooked Dumpling Discovery

Time to cook: 180 minutes

Total Servings: 16

I got the recipe for this dumplings from Mila at Kukarama, many thanks to the author! The name has a symbolic meaning (at least for me), I've made it more than once: it's the opening of the strawberry season, the beginning of summer... I've made minor changes to both the recipe and the cooking method, but they're so insignificant that I hope the author won't be offended. It's very easy to make. Despite its apparent difficulty and you will be rewarded with a lot of pleasure!

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White Currant Muffins

Cooked currant muffins

Time to cook: 30 minutes

Total Servings: 12

I would like to make you some white currant-filled muffins. There are a lot of muffin recipes. But maybe someone will be interested in this one. These muffins are really quick to make. White currants, unlike red and black, have a milder and sweeter flavor, but still give the necessary sourness to the baked goods. It tastes really good!

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Cake in a Jar Cheese Fresco

Cooked Cake in a Jar Fresco Cake

Time to cook: 20 minutes

Total Servings: 1

Free interpretation of a famous French cake.

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Citrus Cupcake

Cooked citrus cupcake

Time to cook: 45 minutes

Total Servings: 8

New Year's Eve and the aromas of citrus fruits, especially tangerines, are two inseparable things. Let's make our guests happy by baking a kumquat and tangerine cake, I assure you it's festive, flavorful, and delicious! Help yourself, Happy New Year!

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Cake for March 8

Cooked cake for March 8

Time to cook: 120 minutes

Total Servings: 10

I liked two cake recipes, but two is a lot and I decided to make two in one. The cake is ok, maybe not very pretty (no time for decorations) but very delicate, with a nice touch of strawberries.

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Paradise Cake by Christopher Renaud

Cooked Cake Paradise by Christopher Reynaud

Total Servings: 12

Delicate yet colorful pastry from one of France's leading pastry chefs. If you love the coconut-pineapple-lime-va nil-rom combination (and who doesn't;)) -then come on in. It's very tasty!

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Raspberry dessert for summer

Cooked cottage dessert with raspberries

Cooked because we don't have a mixer or blender at our cottage, so we had to buy the newest thing from our supermarkets - whipped sour cream. And also because the sea of fresh berries straight from the bush. And flowers straight from the bed.😄

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