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Cheese Desserts recipes

Dessert Tiger cub didn't run?

Cooked dessert

A delicate cottage cheese and mandarin dessert. If you let it stand in the fridge a little longer, you get a cottage cheese ice cream:) Today it didn't have that luxury and was gobbled up in a creamy, chilled state. But here's who's been messing around?.. For the "Gorenje: New Year's composition" contest.

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Ingredients and taste: Sugar, Butter, Eggs, Potato starch, Kiwi, Cottage cheese, Desserts, Tangerine, Chocolate Chips, Tangerine Juice, Other Desserts, Cottage Desserts

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Cottage cheese dessert

Cooked Cheese Dessert

Time to cook: 20 minutes

Total Servings: 6

Cottage cheese is very healthy, makes a great base for dessert. Substituting sour cream for ryazhenka lowers calories and improves taste. It is quick, easy and simple to prepare. Very convenient to make overnight, then you won't notice how long it's been in the fridge. Enjoy it.

Author of the recipe

Ingredients and taste: Sugar, Butter, Sweet, Milk, Raspberry, Gelatin, Cookies, Cake, Apricot, Ryazhenka, Desserts, Peanuts, Other Desserts, Cheese Desserts

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Dalmatian Sweetheart cottage cheese

Cooked cottage cheese dalmatian in love

A very tender cottage cheese pastry will not leave, I think, everyone. It can be made not only for a holiday, but just to please your family, thus arranging an unplanned little holiday. Similar recipes are on the site, but maybe my version will be good for someone ;)

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Ingredients and taste: Salt, Sugar, Butter, Sweet, Eggs, Creamy, Cocoa Powder, Vanilla sugar, Dark Chocolate, Creamy Cereal, Cottage cheese, White chocolate, Corn Starch, Desserts, Other Desserts, Cottage cheese desserts

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Blackberry curd dumplings

Cooked Curd Dumplings with Blackberries

We'll make a healthy, tasty, nutritious breakfast in the morning. It sounds tempting, but I no longer want to read it, because: one, in the morning I have no energy for anything; two, in the morning I only want to sleep; three, in the morning I don't want anything... But since we are women (wives, mothers, daughters), and we have nowhere else to go, we will cook. But only something very fast. Here! All of the above (healthy, tasty, nutritious) + a very quick dish. Matched. Let's make tender, juicy dumplings in sour cream. We'll make them in Zepter pots.

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Ingredients and taste: Baking Fats, Eggs, Sour Cream, Chicken, Cream, Desserts, Rice Flour, Blackberries, Other Desserts, Cottage Desserts

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White Tiger Wisdom Dessert

Cooked Dessert White Tiger Wisdom

Total Servings: 10

Wisdom... Sadly, it comes to many only at a ripe old age.. When there's no hurry, when life is measured and unhurried. But old people are like children.. And children love sweets.. For the contest "Gorenje: New Year composition".

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Ingredients and taste: Chicken Egg, Salt, Sugar, Walnuts, Butter, Tender, Creamy, Milk, Raisins, Nutty, Prunes, Coconut, Gelatin, Grits, Cottage cheese, Desserts, Other Desserts, Cottage Desserts

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Ricotta and spring cheese soufflé

Cooked soufflé with ricotta cheese and spring

Time to cook: 60 minutes

Total Servings: 6

Souffle di ricotta e primavera. It's already May... It's hot and almost all the flowers are blooming and some have even bloomed. The day before yesterday I suddenly woke up to a noise, ran to the window and heard... rain!... A real, strong rain with thunder and lightning. I squeeze my eyes shut and listen... and I breathe... What this magic spring does to us? It does incredible things to us: it awakens my soul, my thoughts, my feelings... and my imagination begins to work to the rhythm of the rain.. And that's how it turned out...

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Ingredients and taste: Chicken Egg, Salt, Sugar, Sweet, Sunflower Oil, Smooth, Cheese, Egg Yolk, Lemon Chip, White Dried Wine, Corn Starch, Airy, Desserts, Rum, Flowers, Other Desserts, Cream Desserts

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