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Unsweetened cookies recipes

Salted straw

Cooked Salted Biscuits

Time to cook: 60 minutes

Total Servings: 15

Straws are products in the shape of rounded sticks with a diameter up to 8 mm and a length from 10 to 28 cm. There are many kinds: sweet, vanilla, salted, with poppy seeds, with sesame seeds, with bran, with coconut. All in all, for every taste! Fragile and easy to break - a straw just begs to be used as a snack :). Tastes like breadsticks.

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Ingredients and taste: Salt, Flour, Sugar, Butter, Sweet, Water, Bread, Yeast, Desserts, Biscuits, shortbread

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Cheese Biscuits

Cooked Cheese Biscuits

Time to cook: 30 minutes

When I'm feeling blue outside (it's been raining cold, damp and cloudy all day), the only thing that cures my moping is homemade cookies. And I want to offer you a very simple and quick, but very tasty cookie. You can make them in 20 minutes before leaving for a picnic, or you can just crunch them in front of the TV in the evening with your family. This is the basic recipe, so to speak. You can always add any spices or herbs to the dough for flavor. In general, a cookie for all tastes, as long as you're a big fan of cheese. Today I'm making it with TM soy sauce "Kikoman"

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Ingredients and taste: Soy Sauce, Flour, Hard Cheese, Butter, Cheese, Cookies, Desserts, shortbread

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Curry poppy seed crackers

Cooked cracker with curry and poppy seeds

Time to cook: 75 minutes

Total Servings: 4

Crackers are the easiest cookies to make and they keep well without losing their nutritional value. Easy to make at home. Crunchy and tasty crackers with curry and poppy seeds is a great snack, it goes well with sweet tea, coffee and even as a base for sandwiches.

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Ingredients and taste: Spicy, Flour, Hard Cheese, Butter, Eggs, Sesame, Curry, Poppyseed, Wheat, Desserts, Poppy, Biscuits, Mixed, shortbread

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