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Kissel recipes

Berry Kissel

Cooked Berry Kissel

Time to cook: 20 minutes

From history. The chronicler Nestor wrote: "The 10th century in Russia was a difficult one: there was a great incessant war with the nomadic tribes, who constantly raided the Russian lands. Once Pechenegs besieged Belgorod. The siege went on for a long time, and a severe famine began in the city... So the citizens met and decided it was better to surrender to the Pechenegs than for them all to starve to death. But the old man said: "Do not surrender for three more days, and do as I command you. The old man ordered to gather the remnants of oats, wheat, and bran from the whole city, and to prepare from them kissel (kissel syrup) for cooking kissel, and to search for honey, and make from it sweet syta (honey broth, boiled honey in water). Then he gave orders to dig two wells and to place in them the cauldrons flush with the ground. In the first cauldron they poured the sour solution, and in the second cauldron they poured the honey pot. The next day the townspeople invited several Pechenegs and brought them to the wells. They scooped some buckets from the first well, boiled some kissel, and started to eat it themselves and wash down with honey drink from the second well, and treat the Pechenegians. They were amazed, and decided that the Russians were fed by the land itself. Having come back, the Pechenegs told their princes all that was, they lifted the siege and went away from the city. "

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Ingredients and taste: Sugar, Starch, Water, Berry, Kissel, Beverages, Soft Drinks

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Fruity Kissel

Cooked Kissel

Time to cook: 30 minutes

Total Servings: 6

In 1885 Mikhail Evgrafovich Saltykov-Shchedrin wrote a fairy tale called "Kissel": The kuharina made kisel and put it on the table. The gentlemen ate the kisel, said thank you, and the little children licked their fingers. It was a good one; Everybody liked it, it was good for everybody. "Oh, how sweet it was!"Oh, how soft it was!", "What a moussel!"♪ all that's said about it ♪. "See to it, cook, that every day on the table is kissel!" ... The fruit kissel is just as good! Enjoy it!

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Ingredients and taste: Sugar, Apple, Water, Potato starch, Fruity, Kiwi, Citric Acid, Kissel, Soft Drinks, Non-Alcoholic Beverages

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Sibirskoe zdorovye kissel on flax

Cooked mountain ashberry kissel on flax

Time to cook: 30 minutes

In summer I try to feed my family more healthy, lively food. After all, it's the foundation of health for a long winter. These elixirs are a frequent guest on our menu. Not only does this elixir nourish and fortify the body with vitamins and minerals, but it also regulates the bowels wonderfully.

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Ingredients and taste: Honey, Water, Kissel, Drinks, Soft Drinks, Rowan, Flaxseed Flour

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Oatmeal kissel

Cooked Oatmeal Kissel

Kissel is made on the basis of various products, berries, morsels, milk, syrups. But perhaps the most useful and amazing in its beneficial qualities is the oatmeal kissel. This dish (yes, that's right - a dish, not a drink!), made on the basis of oatmeal, is considered one of the most useful among all the variety of kissels. This oatmeal kissel perfectly satisfies hunger and creates a great reserve of vitality. When one eats it for breakfast he gets a good charge of energy for the whole day. Make such kissel for your health and for the pleasure of your stomach. Especially recommended during a fasting period.

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Ingredients and taste: Salt, Water, Oatmeal, Kissel, Beverages, Soft Drinks

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