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Syrups recipes

Almond Milk

Cooked almond milk

Time to cook: 20 minutes

Total Servings: 4

Recipe from the Orthodox Food Calendar. We used to have milk porridge in the morning. We've always used soy milk for Lent. But it's very expensive. I read this recipe and was very happy with it. The milk is tasteless and made very quickly. You get 1.2 liters using these proportions. A similar milk can also be made with poppy seeds. But in our family, we associate almond milk with "The summer of the Lord" И. Shmeleva. That's how deliciously he describes Lenten food: " Lenten pies with pear slices, and buckwheat pancakes with onions on Saturdays... and kutya with marmalade on the first Saturday, some kind of "kolivo."! And almond milk with white kissel, and cranberry kissel with vanilla, and... great kulebyaka on the Annunciation, with vyaziga, with sturgeon! And kalya, unusual kalya, with pieces of blue caviar, with pickled cucumbers... and soaked apples on Sundays, and melted, sweet "ryazan"... and "sinners", with hemp oil, with crispy crust, with warm emptiness inside!.. Will the t a m where everyone goes from this life be so lean! And why is everybody so boring?? Isn't everything different, and there's so much, so much joy."

Author of the recipe

Ingredients and taste: Sugar, Water, Milk, Almond Milk, Beverages, Soft Drinks, Syrups

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Tarhun syrup with citrus and mint

Cooked Tarragon Syrup with Citrus and Mint

Tarragon (tarragon, dragon wormwood)-a spicy, fragrant and refreshing herb has many uses in cooking. Like other spicy herbs, tarragon has a whole range of health benefits and vitamins, and is even used in cosmetics and medicine. This herb is excellent for making refreshing cold drinks. We all remember and know lemonade "tarragon", with its characteristic green color and peculiar taste. This lemonade can be made at home from available ingredients, especially at this time of year, when the herbs are happy with their early freshness.

Author of the recipe

Ingredients and taste: Lemon, Orange, Spicy, Sugar, Sweet, Rich, Mint, Citrusy, Grapefruit, Refreshing, Minty, Beverages, Soft Drinks, Syrups

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Homemade Golden Syrup

Cooked homemade golden syrup

This syrup is almost impossible to buy in Poland. I got it once from a friend, she brought it from the Czech Republic. Perfect color, consistency and flavor. I often use it in baked goods, instead of a percentage of sugar. I drink very rarely, well, very rarely coffee, until recently I drank with brown sugar in cubes, but after trying it with this syrup m..., The flavor is unmatched. And in general, the consistency resembles honey, and honey, as we know, has an allergizing effect, and some people can not use it. And in this case, this syrup will serve as a great alternative. Cheers.

Author of the recipe

Ingredients and taste: Lemon Juice, Sweet, Water, Beverages, Soft Drinks, Syrups

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Ginger syrup

Cooked Ginger Syrup

Ginger is a wonderful IMMUNO MODULATOR! Ginger syrup is recommended for colds, coughs and indigestion, it destroys malignant cells and the substance that provides the spicy taste of hot pepper can cause pancreatic cancer to shrink. Add it to your tea, take a teaspoon in the morning after a meal, and you'll find that energy and health are back with you! Stay healthy and don't get sick!

Author of the recipe

Ingredients and taste: Spicy, Ginger, Nutmeg, Saffron, Beverages, Soft Drinks, Syrups

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