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Cereal Garnish recipes

Arabic rice with Moscow accent

Cooked Rice Arabian style with Moscow accent

Time to cook: 25 minutes

Total Servings: 8

Creamy, tasty and presentable rice as a side dish to almost any meat or fish dish, or as a salad if you are fasting or limiting yourself in animal food!!! I will describe the nuances of cooking in detail, and the accent - jasmine rice from TM Mistral, light frying and olive oil!!! Help yourself, my dears!!!

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Ingredients and taste: Salt, Hot, Olive Oil, Rice, Water, Cereal, Vermicelli, Garnish

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Fried Rice with Egg

Cooked fried rice with egg

Time to cook: 20 minutes

Total Servings: 4

Fried rice is not even a dish, but a whole category of different dishes based on fried rice, which originated in China in the 600s. The idea was to get rid of leftovers. The rice was fried over a high heat. Oil and soy sauce, as well as constant stirring, prevented the rice from sticking. Anything left over from previous meals was added to the rice. This approach spawned many variations. Now every Chinese region has its own fried rice with more or less traditional ingredients, as well as many other Eastern countries.

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Ingredients and taste: Salt, Black Pepper, Garlic, Soy Sauce, Spicy, Hot, Ginger, Olive Oil, Rice, Chicken, Sesame Oil, Sesame, Shallots, Cereal, Garnish

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Buckwheat buckwheat

Cooked Buckwheat Cooked Buckwheat

Time to cook: 45 minutes

Total Servings: 3

My husband prefers fried potatoes to all the side dishes, and he eats all the other side dishes voluntarily and forcedly. I saw the recipe for this porridge in the program "Let's go, let's eat!", I decided to cook it. Honestly, I was unspeakably surprised: my husband chowed down on this buckwheat with extra! It was really delicious! Great as a side dish, or as a dish in itself.

Author of the recipe

Ingredients and taste: Salt, Garlic, Spicy, Tomato, Vegetable Oil, Greens, Hot, Onions, Buckwheat, Eggplant, Vegetable, Side dishes, Garnish, Balkan Pepper, Side dish

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