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Cooked Buckwheat

Having been infected with Anyuta's buckwheat goodies, I remembered a long forgotten recipe. I looked through all the recipes, there are similar ones without pictures, but this particular one I could not find. Taken at one time from the magazine "Gastronome" April 2007, with my changes to suit my tastes. Buckwheat porridge is ideally combined with cottage cheese and honey, and to make a really good breakfast, lunch or dinner, nourishing, nutritious and very healthy, we complement it with prunes, which give a nice sour taste and dried apricots, which gives aromatic sweetness. It's easy, quick, very tasty and useful, especially for a diet diet meal, when you take cottage cheese 0-1% fat.

Author of the recipe

Ingredients and taste: Honey, Eggs, Homemade, Buckwheat, Cheese, Fruity, Casseroles, Prunes, Sweet Fudge, Hot Fudge, Creamy Fudge

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Casserole Delicious Dinner

Cooked Casserole for a tasty dinner

Time to cook: 60 minutes

Total Servings: 6

Tonight my husband said he had to stop making delicious food or we would never lose weight. But he said that after dinner. We had this casserole for dinner and he ate half of it. Of course, you can't lose weight like that! But in general, it's pretty light, but hearty and very tasty.

Author of the recipe

Ingredients and taste: Salt, Black Pepper, Vegetable Oil, Potatoes, Butter, Hot, Onions, Mushrooms, Salty, Creamy, Mushroom, Potato, Casseroles, Fishy, Suluguni Cheese, Hotpot, Fish Casseroles

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Casserole with Rice Krispies

Cooked Liver Casserole with Rice Krispies

Time to cook: 35 minutes

Total Servings: 8

This quick casserole made with chicken liver and zucchini and rice flakes simply pour boiling water and wait 3 minutes, which saves a lot of time compared to boiling rice. And while the flakes swell, there's enough time to chop the rest of the ingredients in a blender. The casserole turns out tender, juicy and very light. It can be eaten both hot and cold.

Author of the recipe

Ingredients and taste: Chicken Egg, Salt, Black Pepper, Garlic, Sweet Paprika, Vegetable Oil, Hard Cheese, Greens, Onions, Liver, Sour Cream, Rice, Zucchini, Milk, Breadcrumbs, Casseroles, Chicken liver, Hot Dishes

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Toffee and Carrot-Apple Casserole

Cooked Cottage Cheese-Carrot-Apple Casserole

Time to cook: 60 minutes

Total Servings: 7

There are so many casserole recipes!!! And each one is good in its own way. My grandmother taught me how to make this casserole. And for me, it's the best. Maybe someone else would like it too.

Author of the recipe

Ingredients and taste: Sugar, Eggs, Homemade, Apple, Carrots, Milk, Soda, Custard, Fried Chicken, Creamy Grits, Carrot, Casserole, Hot Dishes, Casserole with Cheese

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Cottage cheese-apple casserole with cornflakes

Cooked cottage cheese-apple casserole with cornflakes

Time to cook: 30 minutes

Total Servings: 5

The early apple trees are already ripening in our orchard, and the apples, now and then, fall to the ground. How many dishes and desserts can be prepared with apples! I would like to offer you a very unusual author's recipe for cottage cheese casserole. Fragrant, moderately sweet with a touch of sourness and a distinct apple flavor. It is a wonderful and healthy breakfast, which is very quick and easy to make and bring joy to the family. Come in and help yourself!!!

Author of the recipe

Ingredients and taste: Salt, Sugar, Butter, Buttermilk, Homemade, Sour Cream, Apple, Sour, Cheese, Vanilla, Fudgy, Baking Fudge, Baked Goods, Creamy Cake, Cheese Cake, Fudge, Cornflakes, Apple Brown

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Hot Smoked Fish Casserole

Cooked casserole of hot smoked fish

The other day I was going through my archives and found this casserole. It turned out that she was even on my VKontakte page "VK" on my VK page. I made it back in 2010, so don't mind me. I just started to shoot my dishes, I had no experience, the camera was the most simple - a camera, so the picture is not very good, and a piece of it did not think to remove, only the finished casserole. But, we really liked the casserole at the time. It's a very warming and filling winter dish. A lot of vegetables - it lacks vitamins and fiber in winter, the flavor of smoked meat is to please our brain and stomach... And it's just delicious! I've chosen the rubric "Casserole with vegetables". That's not quite right, the main ingredient is, of course, fish. It's the solo ingredient, but..... that's the position -"Fish casserole" - is not in the column. That's weird. There are a lot of fish casserole recipes on this site.

Author of the recipe

Ingredients and taste: Leeks, Hard Cheese, Mayonnaise, Potatoes, Carrots, Smoked, Milk, Vegetable, Cauliflower, Fish, Casseroles, Celery, Hot Dishes, Fish Casseroles

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