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Mushrooms recipes

Pickled beech mushrooms Lesnik

Cooked pickled beech pickles

Time to cook: 60 minutes

Pickled forest mushrooms, what could be better with potatoes in winter. What a great snack to go with your potatoes - I can't tell you!. I only make beech mushrooms by this recipe because they are so sweet. Here is my recipe for these universal mushrooms. Approx. 2.5 liter yield.

Author of the recipe

Ingredients and taste: Salt, Garlic, Spicy, Sweet pepper, Sugar, Vinegar, Water, Bay Leaf, Mushrooms, Dill, Mushroom, Hazelnuts, Cloves, Marinades

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Sauteed mushrooms for winter

Cooked roasted mushrooms for winter

Time to cook: 60 minutes

I've been making this stuff for over 30 years, and my grandma used to make it. I didn't think that I had to put this recipe up on Povarenok. It seemed that everyone was cooking it, especially in Siberia, where we have a lot of mushrooms and everyone knows a lot about them. But it turned out not. Buying mushrooms again and again I am asked: "Are you going to freeze them??" "No," I say, "I'm going to freeze some ceps, and roast these and put them in jars for the winter". "And how about this??" Well, I'm starting to tell the story for the umpteenth time. So I decided to lay out the recipe. The younger generation has probably forgotten how during perestroika the potatoes, garden delicacies and mushrooms helped us survive, and the mushrooms were prepared almost on an industrial scale in different ways. More often than not, if I fried them, it was in three pans at once, and on a free burner the jars were boiling one after the other. Times are hard these days, too, so the recipe will come in handy. There are a lot of mushrooms now, very good, it is already cold, so there are no worms at all. Gather and cook, but you'll open a jar in winter and it will smell like summer. You can fry it with potatoes, pasta, any porridge or even just with an egg. Enjoy!!

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Ingredients and taste: Salt, Mushrooms, Mushroom, Fat, Preserves, Marinades

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Pickled Oyster Mushrooms

Cooked Pickled Oyster Mushrooms

Time to cook: 35 minutes

This recipe came to our family by accident: My mother got into a conversation at the market with a woman who was selling homegrown oyster mushrooms. Since then, I've been marinating mushrooms this way for years. On the website there are similar recipes, but mine don't have as much vinegar.

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Ingredients and taste: Salt, Sugar, Vinegar, Spices, Water, Mushrooms, Pickled, Salted, Preserves, Marinades

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Pickled white mushrooms

Cooked pickled white mushrooms

Time to cook: 120 minutes

You're in luck on a quiet hunt? Use this recipe for sauteed boletus mushrooms. It's a marinade I've been using for years. Sakhalin, it is a recipe for preserves. The mushrooms are not sour, not spicy, very tasty. Only use mushrooms in the quality of which you are 100% or more sure. Have a nice walk in the woods.

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Ingredients and taste: Salt, Sugar, Vinegar, Water, Mushrooms, Mushroom, Citric Acid, Cloves, Marinades, Raw

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Pickled Mushrooms

Cooked Pickled Mushrooms

Time to cook: 40 minutes

Total Servings: 4

The good thing about this recipe is that you can eat the mushrooms the next day as well as preserve them for the winter. You don't have to rinse them or add any ingredients after you open them. Everything is delicious! And most importantly, it is fast!

Author of the recipe

Ingredients and taste: Salt, Spicy, Sweet pepper, Sugar, Vinegar, Sweet, Sunflower Oil, Water, Bay Leaf, Mushrooms, Cloves, Ingredients, Marinades

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Pickled Chanterelles

Cooked pickled chanterelles

Time to cook: 20 minutes

Total Servings: 3

Mushroom "chanterelle" Contains 8 essential amino acids, vitamins A, B1, PP, trace elements (copper, zinc). It is believed that the use of this mushroom improves vision, prevents inflammation of the eyes, reduces the dryness of mucous membranes and skin, increases resistance to infectious diseases. (с) I want to share a simple way to marinate these tasty and healthy mushrooms. Prepared in this way, they can be kept in the refrigerator for about a month. A nice spicy appetizer for cheese dishes (fondue, raclette), but also for potatoes and meat dishes.

Author of the recipe

Ingredients and taste: Salt, Garlic, Lemon, Spicy, Vegetable Oil, Vinegar, Onions, Spices, Mushrooms, Mushroom, Pickled, Preserves, Marinades

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