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Fondant Decorations recipes

Chocolate fondant and chocolate rosettes

Cooked Chocolate Fondant and Roses

I have tried many times to make plain fondant and all sorts of "things" out of it. Yes, it worked, but... I don't know, maybe I don't have the right hands... But I hated the process, because I didn't like it at all. к. All around in powdered sugar, it sticks to my hands, and ready mastic and all sorts of roses harden like a stone, and there is no taste. But I want to create all kinds of beauty, so that it is easy and tasty and beautiful!! And I found what I was looking for! Now I advise you!!! It's a pleasure to make it. It's not messy. It is perfectly moldable and takes the desired shape, but it is also very delicious (I myself ate a little while doing). I made these rosettes yesterday - now they are in my fridge. And even so they are not completely frozen, ie. е. they didn't become rock-hard. And if you put them on a cake, they will be eaten in the best way. You should try it!!! You won't regret it!!!

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Ingredients and taste: Sugar, Sweet, Cream, Chocolate, Delicious, Marshmallow, Cognac, Butter Buttercream, Fondant Decorations

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Seven Flower Cake Decoration

Cooked cake decoration seven-colored flower

Time to cook: 30 minutes

Total Servings: 1

Fly, fly petal, west to east, north to south, come back in a circle. As you touch the ground, do as I say! It's been a long time, but I remember this poem from one of my favorite childhood fairy tales "The Seven-Flowered Flower". Such a flower will decorate the cake soon. To be continued...

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Ingredients and taste: Sweet, Food Dye, Fondant, Cake Decorations, Fondant Decorations

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The Gift for Men Cake

Cooked Cake Present for Man

Rather, this is not a cake, but a description of the process of decorating it. My friends asked me to make a man's cake for his birthday, with mastic, of course. I (if you remember from the diaries) just beginning to comprehend the wisdom of working with it. My choice has stopped on this idea. There can be such beginners, as I am and my experience will be useful. For the masters of decorating I will tell - I treat criticism constructively and adequately (if you put a minus - I want to know why)

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Ingredients and taste: Cocoa Powder, Custard, Chocolate, Condensed milk, Food Dye, Butter Butter, Cheesecake, Fondant, Fondant Decorations

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Cooked Fondant

Fondant... This is a culinary ingredient that often raises questions and causes some fear and apprehension for those who have not yet worked with it! These days, the culinary industry offers many variations of an already prepared product for sale. But almost every hostess wonders about making it at home! There are several recipes for making homemade mastic... Some of them are here on the site. And I want to offer for review a recipe that I use (not marshmallow and not whipped). After trying and experimenting with different recipes, I settled on this one. It's nothing complicated... Worth a try and the fear of the word "mastic" You will pass!

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Ingredients and taste: Sweet, Honey, Water, Citric Acid, Sugar powder, Fondant Decorations

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