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Vegetable Garnish recipes

Radish Roses

Cooked radish roses

Time to cook: 5 minutes

After I added my photo to the recipe for Salad "Begonia Flowers", I got a lot of requests to show and explain how I made the flowers. Of course, many people know how to do it, but someone needs a hint. Let's decorate salad with raw vegetable roses - it's quick, easy, beautiful!

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Ingredients and taste: Spicy, Parsley, Cucumber, Carrot, Vegetable Garnish

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Cooked bento

Beauty in a box. Everyone probably knows about sushi. Have you heard of Japanese bento?? Bento literally translates to "food in a box". It's an indigenous Japanese tradition associated with cooking, serving, and eating. A kind of "dry rations", consisting of rice, meat or fish, and vegetables, fruits, placed in a special box that the Japanese take with them on any event - whether it is work, business trip, school, or an excursion on the day off. Bento can be made at home or bought in a special store. There is always an element of creativity, love and care for your family in the preparation of homemade bento. In addition to all of the above, it should be noted that obento plays a very important role in everyday Japanese culture. The art of choosing and serving bento ingredients is one of the signs of a good wife/mother, and also a way to show your love and care for your dearest people. There are about a thousand kinds of bento. In this recipe, we'll look at making a karabin - a bento made in the shape of little people or animals. And also, you will see some ideas for your own, unique bento.

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Ingredients and taste: Salt, Sugar, Sausage, Vinegar, Rice, Carrots, Cucumber, Vegetable, Cabbage, Lettuce, Bell peppers, Vegetables, Olives, Beans, Fresh, Corn, Quail Egg, Leaves, Dish Garnish, Vegetable Garnish

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Carved Frankenstein Pumpkin Halloween Decoration

Cooked carved Frankenstein pumpkin Halloween decoration

Time to cook: 200 minutes

This is the kind of pumpkin they carve for Halloween. The scary sight of this pumpkin turns into a divine flavor when baked with honey and nuts. When serving, a sprinkle of cinnamon would be nice. By following the step-by-step pictures, you can carve the little monster, delighting your children with both the figure and the wonderful taste!

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Ingredients and taste: Pumpkin, Decorations, Vegetable Decorations

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Carved pumpkin

Cooked carved pumpkin

Time to cook: 150 minutes

This pumpkin looks great baked. But it's also great as a decorative element! Old New Year is coming up, and the pumpkin will come in handy! To make the pumpkin look especially scalloped and delicate, place a lighted candle inside. The table decoration is ready! In the evening light it will perfectly complement and decorate your table, being a mysterious and enchanting element of decoration

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Ingredients and taste: Sugar, Sweet, Vegetable Ornaments

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