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Beef heart salted and boiled

Cooked beef heart salted and boiled

Nutritional Value

Delicious product. Taste is as delicious as tongue. Dietary, full of vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Eaten as a snack, in salads and sliced as a ham. Easy to prepare, but needs time to pre-salt.

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Ingredients for salted boiled beef heart:

  • Spices (Bay leaf, black pepper) - 5 g
  • Salt - 3 tablespoon
  • Heart (beef (about 1,5 kg)) - 1 piece

How to cook beef heart salted and boiled step by step with photos

Cut the heart lengthwise, peel it, remove the blood vessels and skin protruding from the heart and rinse well. Rub with salt (better - with salt mixture), put in a polyethylene sachet (better - in a couple of bags), tie and put on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator (temperature should not exceed 6 degrees Celsius). Ц). Let it stand for 10 days, turning the sachet once or twice a day.

Take heart out of sachet, rinse well, pour cold water and soak for 4-6 hours, changing water. Put the heart in a pot, pour boiling water over it, add spices and cook in two waters for about an hour. Remove the pot from the heat. Let it cool in the water.

Remove the heart, dry it and use it in salads or slices. Keeps like ham. But don't let it sit too long because it tastes so good.

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
1135.5 Calories
112.1 g
74.3 g
3.8 g
133.6 Calories
13.2 g
8.7 g
0.4 g

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