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Chicken skin chips in the oven

Cooked chicken skin chips in the oven

Time to cook: 15 minutes

Total Servings: 1

Nutritional Value

What can I say... You can never have too much skin!!! I had the skin off one chicken!!! I wanted to please my husband... He got a little of it after all!!!

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Ingredients for chicken skin chips in the oven:

  • Chicken skin (from one chicken...but that's very little) - 1 pc
  • Soy sauce - 2 tablespoon
  • Sweet paprika (dried) - 1 tablespoon
  • Garlic - 2 clove

How to cook chicken skin chips in the oven step by step with photos

Wash chicken skin and remove fat. Leave it on if you like it fattier. You can cut the skin into slices beforehand. Put skin in dish, add soy sauce and spices. Marinate it for as long as you have time. I marinated it for a day, in the fridge, of course!

I did not cut it into pieces, or rather into strips beforehand... As it turned out in the process it is more convenient to cut with kitchen scissors!!!

Turn on the oven 180° heat. Spread the skin on a baking paper lined baking tray. And put them in the preheated oven. And now the most important thing, don't overcook!!! I had the misfortune to read a cooking time of 40 minutes on the internet, and after fifteen minutes the chips were done!!!

The chips are ready!!! Place on a napkin, dry. Enjoy your snack!!!

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
441.6 Calories
33.2 g
25 g
21.2 g
176.6 Calories
13.3 g
10 g
8.5 g

Garlic, Soy Sauce, Spicy, Sweet Paprika, appetizers, Snacks

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