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Macedonian Terrine with Eggs

Cooked Terrine Macedoin with Eggs

Time to cook: 120 minutes

Total Servings: 3

Nutritional Value

Terrine gets its name from the rectangular, fireproof dish with a lid of the same name. Terrines originated in France, although nowadays this method of baking can be found not only in French cuisine. Terrines can be meat, fish, vegetables, even sweet. Here is a simple recipe for vegetable and egg terrines. It's quick, cheap and delicious. I got the idea from a French site.

Author of the recipe

Ingredients for terrine "masédouin" with eggs:

  • Carrots - 80 g
  • Cauliflower - 30 g
  • Green beans - 30 g
  • Corn (canned) - 30 g
  • Chicken egg - 6 units
  • Sour cream - 1 tablepoon
  • Hard cheese - 40 g
  • Green onions (sliced) - 1 tablepoon
  • Salt (to taste)

How to cook terrine "MASEDUAN" with eggs step by step with photos

Macedoin translates from French as "mashed potatoes". You can use a premade Macedoin mix or make your own. Boil and dice carrots, cabbage and beans.

Add the corn. You get a bright mixture like this.

In a bowl mix 3 eggs, sour cream and grated cheese. Salt.

Add vegetables, green onions and mix.

Spread half of the mixture in a greased rectangular dish. I lined it with paper, since I'm making a baking sheet. к. My pans are not as pretty as I thought they would be. Gently crack 3 eggs into the egg mixture.

Carefully spread out the rest of the mixture and bake for 1 hour at 180 degrees. If the top of the terrine gets golden too quickly, cover with aluminum foil.

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
775.6 Calories
56.7 g
45.6 g
31.5 g
Per Serving:
258.5 Calories
18.9 g
15.2 g
10.5 g
131.5 Calories
9.6 g
7.7 g
5.3 g

Salt, Hard Cheese, Eggs, Sour Cream, Green onions, Vegetable, Cauliflower, Green Beans, Corn, Starters, appetizers

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