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Onion Hull Easter Eggs Marble

Cooked Easter Eggs in onion husks

Time to cook: 30 minutes

Total Servings: 6

Nutritional Value

I am sharing a recipe for dyeing eggs in the onion peel, it is an unusual way to dye Easter eggs with a marbled pattern and glossy luster.

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Ingredients for Easter eggs in the husk "marbled":

  • Chicken Egg (White!) - 6 pcs
  • Onion husk (half 1 p/e) - 0.5 pcs.
  • Sunflower oil - 1 teaspoon

How to cook Easter eggs in onion peels "marble" step by step with photos

This is what we need for dyeing the eggs: onion husks for 6 eggs - I took half a small pot, thick thread, gauze and the eggs themselves. I take the eggs white, because. к. they have a more pronounced pattern.

I wash the eggs with soap and water. к. Sometimes I come across eggs that are not quite clean, and they may not color well in that spot.

I turn the onion husk with my hands into a medium crumb.

On a small square of gauze, put a small amount of onion husk, and in the center put an egg.

With my hands I gather up the edges of the gauze and I have a sack. When I made the "the sack", I tried to distribute the onion husks evenly all over the egg.

I tie my "sack" on top of.

I use scissors to cut off the excess edge of the gauze.

I put the egg in cold water. Next, you need to do the same with all the other eggs.

TIP: T. к. Eggs I twisted one, the sack was a bit difficult to tie with string, so that the gauze did not fall apart during tying, I first tightened the edges of the gauze with a rubber band, and over it quietly tied the knot with string.

When all the eggs are ready, I put them in cold water and boil over medium heat. After the water boiled, I boiled the eggs for 15 minutes.

After 5 minutes of boiling I added 2 tablespoon of green to the eggs. After 15 minutes I turned off the heat and left the eggs to harden for another 10 minutes.

Then, the eggs should be taken out of the gauze and rinsed under cold water.

For gloss I coat eggs with sunflower oil.

We grease our palms with sunflower oil and wipe our Easter eggs.

This is what my end result looks like - the eggs have a marbled pattern and a beautiful sheen.

Happy upcoming Happy Easter!!!

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
608 Calories
41.9 g
46 g
2.3 g
Per Serving:
101.3 Calories
7 g
7.7 g
0.4 g
178.8 Calories
12.3 g
13.5 g
0.7 g

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