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Apple and low-salted salmon appetizer Rose

Cooked appetizer of apple and salted salmon rose

Nutritional Value

Simple, but very tasty and filling appetizer. I used to make this appetizer with pears, but in a different serving, and this version I saw on a foreign site. Quick, easy, nice!

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Ingredients for Snack of Apple and Salted Salmon "rose":

  • Apple (dense, sour-sweet) - 1 pc
  • Salmon (lightly salted) - 100 g
  • Lemon juice - 1 tablepoon
  • Lettuce leaves / Lettuce (A handful of any salad leaves)
  • Olive oil - 1 teaspoon
  • Black pepper (to taste)

How to cook appetizer with apple and lightly salted salmon "rose" step by step with photos

1. Peel and core an apple, cut into thin slices and drizzle with lemon juice.

2. The fish, which I always salt myself, slice into thin strips or slices.

3. Place a layer of apples on a plate.

4. Top with a layer of fish, then apples again. I have 3 layers of apples. Place the fish in the middle as the last layer. Chop the salad leaves and arrange around the appetizer. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with black pepper. Enjoy!!

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
387.4 Calories
21.6 g
25.7 g
16.3 g
138.4 Calories
7.7 g
9.2 g
5.8 g

Black Pepper, Lemon Juice, Olive Oil, Apple, Lettuce, Fish, Salmon, Salad, Starters, Fish and Seafood Starters

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