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Beet Caviar

Cooked Beetroot Caviar and Carrot

Time to cook: 160 minutes

Total Servings: 12

Nutritional Value

Despite the fact that this recipe is very simple to prepare, the caviar turns out extremely delicious, appetizing, hearty and pleasing to the eye juicy, bright color. The caviar is good because it can be both a cold snack and used as a dressing for a borsch, as well as you can use it to prepare various winter dishes that will definitely cause a sensation at your dinner table. Recipe by Svetlana Gneusheva with my small changes. I made 2 servings at once, so I got 8 750 gram jars and some left over for sampling)))

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Ingredients for Beetroot and Carrot Caviar:

  • Beets - 1 kg
  • Carrots - 1 kg
  • Onions - 0,5 kg
  • Tomato - 1,5 kg
  • Vegetable oil - 200 g
  • Vinegar (9%) - 1 tablepoon
  • Sugar - 0.5 glass
  • Black pepper (ground) - 0.5 teaspoon
  • Salt - 1 tablespoon

How to cook caviar made of beets and carrots step by step with photos

Wash and dry tomatoes and remove the stalks. Cut into small pieces and pass through a meat grinder.

Peel carrots, grate on a grater for Korean carrots (at the author pass through the meat grinder).

Peel beets, grate on a slicer for Korean carrots (if you use a meat grinder).

Peel onions, grate them with a coarse shredding drum (if you use a meat grinder).

Put the vegetables in a bowl. Add vegetable oil, salt, ground black pepper (I also added sweet paprika - 0.5 tablespoon, ground coriander - 0.5 tablespoon, red hot pepper - 1 pinche). Bring to the boil, reduce the heat a little and cook for 2 hours stirring.

For 20 minutes before the end of cooking in a mass to add, vinegar and sugar (I added more, I love sweet caviar). The hot caviar spread into sterilized jars and roll up tightly.

Enjoy your appetite and have a delicious winter!

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
2820.4 Calories
36 g
202.8 g
219.6 g
Per Serving:
235 Calories
3 g
16.9 g
18.3 g
86.8 Calories
1.1 g
6.2 g
6.8 g

Salt, Black Pepper, Onion, Spicy, Tomato, Vegetable Oil, Beetroot, Sugar, Vinegar, Rich, Carrot, Caviar, Extravagant

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