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Lusian style vegetable caviar

Cooked Vegetable Caviar Louisiana

Nutritional Value

This year's pattissons were a real winner. And so did the cucumbers. And what have we done with them?... And I found in an old book a few uncomplicated recipes for winter. This is the first version.

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Ingredients for Louisiana Vegetable Caviar:

  • Tomato - 1 kg
  • Cucumber - 1 kg
  • Onion - 1 kg
  • Vegetable oil - 400 g
  • Tomato paste - 250 g
  • Salt
  • Sugar - 0.5 glass
  • Vinegar essence - 1 tablespoon

How to cook Louisiana caviar step by step with photos

Coarsely chop the tomatoes.

Peel the onions.

Peel the cucumbers and mince everything with a meat grinder.

Pour oil in a saucepan, add the tomato,

We throw the grinded vegetables into it. We put it in the hot oven for 40 minutes.

Then we salt it, sugar it, pour in the vinegar and simmer on gas over low heat for another 10-15 minutes.

In the hot pour into jars, wrap and cover.

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
4588.3 Calories
42 g
406.4 g
216.4 g
124.7 Calories
1.1 g
11 g
5.9 g

Salt, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Vinegar, Onions, Cucumber, Vegetable, Extraordinary, Tomato Paste, Caviar

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