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Spicy Zucchini Caviar

Spicy Zucchini Caviar

Nutritional Value

My version of zucchini caviar with flavorful spices, herbs and my favorite soy sauce "Kikkoman".

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Ingredients for Zucchini Caviar "Spicy":

  • Zucchini - 1 kg
  • Onions - 300 g
  • Carrots - 300 g
  • Vegetable oil - 100 ml
  • Sweet pepper - 300 g
  • Tomato - 500 g
  • Parsley - 1 bunch.
  • Soy sauce - 2 tablespoon
  • Garlic - 5 clove
  • Salt - 2 teaspoon
  • Sugar - 3 tablespoon
  • Haley suneli - 1 teaspoon

How to cook zucchini caviar "Spicy" step by step with photos

Heat half the oil in a saucepan, fry the onions and carrots until the aroma of fried onions arrives (about 10 minutes).

Slice bell peppers into random pieces

Add to the vegetables and stir-fry on high heat for 10 minutes, then transfer to a different pan

Dice the zucchini

In the same saucepan, heat the other half of the oil and fry the zucchini until soft (about 15 minutes)

Chop the ripe tomatoes with a blender

Return fried onion, carrots and bell peppers to the wok. Pour in chopped tomatoes and simmer under a lid over medium heat for 20 minutes

At the end of stewing add chopped parsley and garlic

Season the caviar with salt, sugar and Kikkoman soy sauce

Process the caviar with a blender, taste. More salt or sugar if needed. Stir in spices and heat until boiling.

Spread boiling caviar into hot, sterilized jars and cover with boiled lids. Wrap until cool

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
1776.1 Calories
38.1 g
84 g
236.7 g
63.9 Calories
1.4 g
3 g
8.5 g

Salt, Garlic, Soy Sauce, Spicy, Tomato, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Onions, Parsley, Carrots, Hummelsuneli, Vegetable, Bell peppers, Roast, Courgette, Caviar

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