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Fish Cheesesteak

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So many cooks have already moved away from store-bought herring and are making delicious, flavorful and healthy fish themselves. This is evidenced by the mass of recipes on the site. I have tried many of these and am so thankful to all the recipe authors. Finally ripe to try cooking herring at home from river fish.

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Ingredients for fish "rawberry":

  • Fish (river - crucian carp, carp, bighead carp) - 1 kg
  • Vegetable oil - 1 glass
  • Vinegar (6%) - 1 glass
  • Salt - to taste
  • Black pepper (ground) - to taste
  • Onion (large) - 1 pc

How to cook fish "russula" step by step with photos

Descale and clean the fish. Remove head and fins.

Fillet the fish: cut along the backbone, rib bones can be left on. I also got a bonus - caviar!

Cut the filet into 1.5-2 cm thick pieces.

Mix the fish with salt and pepper. Leave it for 30 minutes.

Peel and cut onion in rings.

Mix the salted fish with the onion.

Combine vinegar and oil in a container in which you salt the fish.

We submerge the fish in this brine and leave it for 3-5 hours. I had fish in brine for 24 hours.

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
2830.7 Calories
176.1 g
229.8 g
15.8 g
185 Calories
11.5 g
15 g
1 g

Salt, Black Pepper, Vegetable Oil, Vinegar, Onions, Salted, Starters, Fish and Seafood Starters

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