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Herring Forschmak without oil

Cooked herring stuffing without butter

Time to cook: 10 minutes

Nutritional Value

I doubted for a long time whether to display this recipe or not. There are already a lot of recipes on the site. But after cooking for the holidays so many times, and this dish has always disappeared faster than anything else, and once again looking through all the recipes (and mine is a little different), I realized that I must share it with you.

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Ingredients for herring forshmak without butter:


  • Herring (filet, salted) - 200 g
  • Milk - 75 ml
  • Apple (sour, green) - 1 pc
  • Baton - 35 g

For decoration

  • Chicken egg (boiled) - 1 pc
  • Salad leaves / Lettuce (a few leaves) - 1 bunch.
  • Greens - 1 bunch.

How to cook herring stuffing without butter step by step with photos

Cut out a few wedges from the apple for decoration Put the rest of the apple and the other ingredients for the herring preserves in the blender bowl with the blades. (I use a Galaxy food processor)

Grind to a smooth consistency.

For decoration, cut the egg into slices. Chop a few sprigs of herbs finely

Arrange and decorate as you like. Bon appetit.

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
784.6 Calories
57.5 g
39.7 g
46.7 g
94.5 Calories
6.9 g
4.8 g
5.6 g

Greens, Eggs, Apple, Milk, Button, Bread, Herring, Salad, Leaves, Starters, Snacks, Fish and Seafood

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