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Spicy herring in the morning

Cooked Spicy Herring for Morning

Time to cook: 30 minutes

Nutritional Value

I think all of us have salted herring at least once in our lives, many have their own secrets and ways, I found the best for me. Simple and fast, in my opinion the most delicious, favorite flavor is not burdened with additives. Just fish and nothing but fish. The shiny grease shimmering on each piece of fish... mmm

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Ingredients for spicy herring in the morning:

  • Black pepper
  • Herring (freshly frozen) - 3 pcs
  • Salt ( coarse)

How to cook herring in the morning step by step with photos

So... Everything is very simple... Remove bones and guts... Cut the heads off. Rinse thoroughly... Dry with paper towel. Cut into small pieces...

Lay a layer of herring in a bowl... Sprinkle with salt and pepper... Continue... Season and salt each layer... Allow the fish to stand overnight at room temperature... The next day you can enjoy the fish... Store in the refrigerator...

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
3255 Calories
297 g
231 g
0 g
217 Calories
19.8 g
15.4 g
0 g

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