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Cheesy Bread with Mushrooms

Cooked Cheesy Bread with Mushrooms

Nutritional Value

Dear cooks, I bring to your attention BOMB!! The combination of products is delicious. But apart from the taste, the serving plays a huge role here, which is very, very original. This bread is a real decoration for the festive table and is a wonderful appetizer and companion for salads, soups and main courses. You can make it 1-2 days before the feast or just before it. Come in - you won't regret it!

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Ingredients for the cheese bread with mushrooms:

  • Champignons (fresh) - 340 g
  • Bread (loaf) - 1 pc
  • Hard cheese (preferably provolone, gruyere or fontina) - 340 g
  • Butter (approx.) - 120 g
  • Thyme (fresh leaves) - 1 tablepoon
  • Green onion (or chives) - 1 pouch.
  • Salt

How to cook cheese bread with mushrooms step by step with photos

So, the mushrooms. We wash them, finely chop, boil and fry a little, adding a tablespoon of butter and salt if needed.

Cheese... I had gruyere, and it was divine!! I had to add a little bit of regular, though, so that's how it turned out... If you are using a kind of regular hard cheese without a pronounced piquancy, I recommend adding some pepper, spices or cheese with a noble mold. We cut the cheese into small slices.

We will cut the butter into small pieces, the same way we cut the onions. The recipe calls for 0.5 cup melted butter, you can do exactly that.

Now for the bread. A nice, fresh loaf of bread... And carefully cut it into squares, a little short of the end. Then put chopped onion and thyme leaves in the slits, put the mushrooms in...

... Spread slices of butter and slices of cheese. If you take clarified butter, mix it with onion and thyme and pour it over the bread. That's what I got a crakozie)))) By the way, without any practice some slices of bread will tend to fall out, don't be scared! Push them back in boldly but gently, the cheese will stick together)) All you have to do is bake it...

The bread should be baked at 180 degrees. First, we are going to wrap it in foil (at this point we can put it in the fridge for 1 or 2 days)!!) and bake for 15 minutes, then unwrap it carefully and bake for about 10 minutes, we need the cheese to melt and the bread to brown. I need another 5 minutes and turn the temperature up to 200 degrees. After baking, quickly transfer the hot stuffed loaf to a plate or board and serve!

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
3082.6 Calories
128.6 g
121.1 g
363.5 g
197.6 Calories
8.2 g
7.8 g
23.3 g

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