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Mushroom Terrine

Cooked Mushroom Terrine

Time to cook: 100 minutes

Total Servings: 6

Nutritional Value

I daresay that most people like mushrooms in any form. I would like to offer you a variant of mushroom snack, which can be eaten both warm and cold, which is very important during the New Year table. The idea for the recipe was taken from the Internet.

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Ingredients for mushroom terrine:

  • Mushrooms (any) - 300 g
  • Onions - 100 g
  • Leeks - 100 g
  • Chicken egg - 2 pcs
  • Cream cheese - 150 g
  • Cream (10%) - 150 ml
  • Vegetable oil - 2 tablespoon
  • Salt
  • Spice (freshly ground pepper mixture)
  • Dill
  • Parsley
  • Cranberries (decoration)

How to cook mushroom terrine step by step with photos

You can use any type of mushrooms for this appetizer: fresh, frozen, even pickled. I used the pickled, boiled and frozen chives I made with my own hands. We put the mushrooms (frozen) in a colander and let them thaw.

Finely chop mushrooms.

Cut the onion into small cubes, and the leek into rings.

Fry both onions in oil for a few minutes.

Add mushrooms to the fried onions. Then add salt and freshly ground pepper mixture and fry for 5 minutes.

In a bowl for beating add cottage cheese, eggs and cream and beat with a mixer for a minute.

Add lightly cooled fried mushrooms and finely chopped dill and parsley. Mix mixture thoroughly. I did not add salt.

Take a mold for baking bread (I have 1 liter). If you're not sure of your shape, oil or line with baking paper. I used a single sheet mold. Pour the mixture into the tin. Place in a heated to 180 degrees oven for 50 minutes.

Let the ready terrine cool for 1 hour in the form, it is very tender. Then carefully take it out of the mold. We can run a sharp knife along the sides of the mold. It is more convenient to take it out of the single mould, just cut the sides with a pair of scissors.

The ready terrine can be served warm or cold. I would like to note that its taste changes depending on the temperature. A warm terrine is soft and tender, while a cold one is firmer.

To serve this terrine we sprinkle it with a coarse ground pepper mix. Decorate with dill and frozen cranberries, creating an imitation of New Year Tree. Bon appetit! All the best to you and your loved ones in the New Year!

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
1639.4 Calories
37.8 g
147.9 g
40.7 g
Per Serving:
273.2 Calories
6.3 g
24.7 g
6.8 g
176.3 Calories
4.1 g
15.9 g
4.4 g

Leeks, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Seasoning, Onions, Cranberries, Eggs, Parsley, Creamy, Dill, Tangy, Mushroom, Cheese, Cream, Cream Cheese, Omelette, Starters, Hors d'oeuvres

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