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Mushroom toast with cheese

Cooked Mushroom Croutons with Cheese

Time to cook: 30 minutes

Total Servings: 8

Nutritional Value

This recipe will delight mushroom and cheese lovers. There's enough of both, and they go great together. So, a toast: "To our favorite men!" Let's toast with 100 grams of hot croutons

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Ingredients for mushroom toast with cheese:

  • Bread (white toasted bread, approx.) - 300 g
  • Mushrooms (fresh) - 400 g
  • Milk (2/3 cup - for toast, 1/2 cup - for sauce)
  • Chicken egg (1 piece - in crouton sauce, 2 pieces - in sauce) - 3 units
  • Salt
  • Dill
  • Vegetable oil
  • Hard cheese - 100 g
  • Garlic - 1 pc
  • Black pepper

How to cook mushroom croutons with cheese step by step with photos

Beat 1 egg with salt and milk. Dip the bread into the mixture for a second to prevent it from getting soggy.

Using hot oil, fry the slices of bread on both sides

Wash and clean mushrooms, cut them into slices and fry

Whisk 2 eggs with 1/2 cup of milk and finely chopped dill, grated garlic, salt and pepper to taste. Pour over the mushrooms and stew, stirring until the liquid has thickened and boiled away.

Grate cheese

Put croutons in the dish...

... Put mushroom mixture on them and top with cheese

Bake the croutons for about 10 minutes in a hot oven

Serve the croutons hot, because they taste better

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
1223.5 Calories
74.3 g
27.3 g
164.3 g
Per Serving:
152.9 Calories
9.3 g
3.4 g
20.5 g
123.6 Calories
7.5 g
2.8 g
16.6 g

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