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Potato patties with mushrooms

Cooked Potato Patties with Mushrooms

Nutritional Value

I make these patties not out of dough but out of mashed potatoes. The filling can be different. Meat, fish, mushroom, vegetable.

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Ingredients for potato patties with mushrooms:

  • Breadcrumbs / Breadcrumbs (preferably your own, homemade - they are more colorful and bigger)
  • Hollandaise cheese (any kind, hard varieties)
  • Champignons (I like it very much with the fried champignons)
  • Potatoes (mashed potatoes without milk, butter - to a minimum)
  • Chicken egg (a couple of eggs per 1 kg of mashed potatoes) - 2 units

How to cook mashed potatoes with mushrooms step by step with photos

I think it's no secret how to make mashed potatoes and mushroom pâté. The filling can be anything - meat, fish, or vegetables. I make the mashed potatoes without milk and butter. For 1 kg of mashed potatoes I add 2 eggs. Some people add flour. I make it without flour. I fry the mushrooms until tender, chop them in a food processor or mincer. I add spices to taste.

Grate cheese on a fine grater, mix it with breadcrumbs or grind in a coffee grinder. Put it on a flat plate or a baking sheet. I take a potato ball and place it on the breading. Use a spoon to make it flat, but not thin. Put minced meat on top. Carefully form patties.

Put them on a baking sheet and put in the freezer. Don't take them out before cooking. As soon as a pan with oil is heated I take patties out of the freezer and fry them on the pan until they brown. I don't need any longer, because they're all ready to go. It's so quick and delicious.

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
172.7 Calories
14 g
12 g
0.8 g
157 Calories
12.7 g
10.9 g
0.7 g

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