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Wood mushrooms with omelet and cucumbers

Cooked wood mushrooms with omelette and cucumbers

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Continuing to translate and try recipes from a Chinese cooking site. Today I made a warm appetizer with black wood mushrooms

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Ingredients for wood mushrooms with omelette and cucumbers:

  • Mushrooms (Black wood mushrooms, dried) - 20 g
  • Chicken egg - 2 pcs
  • Cucumber - 1 pc
  • Leeks

How to cook wood mushrooms with omelette and cucumbers step by step with photos

Soak the mushrooms in warm water (about 40 degrees) for 1 hour. Rinse them in running water. Pour cold water and put in the refrigerator for several hours (you can overnight). This is the most proper way to reconstitute dried wood mushrooms, but the Chinese often just keep them in warm water for an hour, rinse them, and cook them immediately. Under no circumstances should these mushrooms be poured over with boiling water. They will lose their crispy texture.

Prepare the ingredients. Slice the mushrooms a little, slice the cucumbers, cut the leeks in rings, whisk the eggs

Heat oil in a frying pan and pour eggs in.

Stir while frying to create the individual pieces. Remove eggs from frying pan

Heat the oil, add salt and fry leeks over low heat

Add mushrooms and cucumber and fry for a few minutes

Then fry a few more minutes with the egg

Plate the mushrooms and serve warm

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
195.8 Calories
15.6 g
12.2 g
4.5 g
78.3 Calories
6.2 g
4.9 g
1.8 g

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