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Zucchini with mushrooms and cheese

Cooked zucchini with mushrooms and cheese

Time to cook: 30 minutes

Total Servings: 3

Nutritional Value

It's an idea "on the go". The mushrooms were roasting for a casserole, but my husband came home early from work, so I had to speed things up. This is where the leftover zucchini comes in (the main mix was in the oven with other veggies). After that, there were still mushrooms, t. к. few zucchini. Here are the forest mushrooms - honey fungus. You can take any mushrooms to your liking. In my case (in the recipe) there are leftovers of some products (cheese, sour cream, zucchini). So you can adjust the quantity of leftovers as you like.

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Ingredients for zucchini with mushrooms and cheese:

  • Mushrooms (Any) - 200-300 g
  • Garlic (If you do not like garlic in mushrooms, you do not need to add it.) - 1-2 clove
  • Onions (Not large) - 1-2 pcs
  • Hard cheese (Depends on how much zucchini) - 50-100 g
  • Zucchini (If big enough one) - 1-2 pcs
  • Sour cream (Again, the amount depends on your wishes.) - 50-100 g
  • Salt - 0.5 tablespoon
  • Vegetable oil - 30 g

How to cook zucchini with mushrooms and cheese step by step with photos

Fry the mushrooms, let the liquid evaporate. While the mushrooms are roasting, peel the onion and garlic. Dice onions. Add onion and garlic to the mushrooms and fry together for a couple of minutes (until the onions are soft). Salt. At the end we add sour cream. A few more minutes and it's done.

Sprinkle salt on one side of sliced zucchini. Let the liquid run off. And put it on a napkin (we blot the excess). Here's a picture of the rest of the cheese. Grill zucchini on both sides. And again on the napkin, so that this time we remove the excess of oil.

We put it on a plate. And on top we can put the ready made mushrooms. In this photo the rest of the mushrooms in a plate.

Grate the cheese on a fine grater and sprinkle the mushrooms. And in the microwave oven for 30-40 seconds. I had a power of 800 and a time of 30 seconds. Just enough time for the cheese to melt.

Dish is done. You can also put a slice of tomato on the zucchini. Who does not eat dairy during Lent, remove sour cream and cheese. It would be nice to serve mushrooms with zucchini. In general, try it, add your own - experiment! Angela at a Meal!

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
632.3 Calories
22.5 g
44.7 g
29.6 g
Per Serving:
210.8 Calories
7.5 g
14.9 g
9.9 g
81.1 Calories
2.9 g
5.7 g
3.8 g

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