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Beet and Honey Beetroot Butter

Cooked beet and herring butter

Time to cook: 100 minutes

Nutritional Value

I bought a herring. It was insanely salty. Shock. What to do? The solution worked itself out! Now my boys eat sandwiches all day long. I don't know if I did well or not;)

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Ingredients for beet butter:

  • Beets (medium) - 2 pcs
  • Herring (280g.) - 1 pc
  • Cream cheese - 2 units
  • Butter - 185 g

How to cook beet and herring butter step by step with photos

Deseed and chop the herring.

Boil beets. Let cool. Peel and chop.

Chop beets and herring.

Grate processed cheese.

Mix the shredded beet and herring mixture with the cheese mixture

... until the mixture is not too homogeneous.

Beat butter with a mixer.

Whisking butter, add one tablespoon at a time to the beet and herring-cheese mixture.

All! The appetizer is ready.

A sandwich with a pickle is just what you need!

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
3009.6 Calories
147 g
258.1 g
25.5 g
276.1 Calories
13.5 g
23.7 g
2.3 g

Butter, Cream Cheese, Salted, Herring, Snacks, Sandwiches, Open Sandwich

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