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Ciabatta à la mediterranée

Cooked ciabatta a la mediterranée

Time to cook: 30 minutes

Total Servings: 2

Nutritional Value

A big and delicious sandwich. Mediterranean appetizer.

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Ingredients for ciabatta "à la mediterranée":

  • Baton (ciabatta) - 1 pc
  • Yogurt (natural or sour cream) - 250 g
  • Ham (or sausage, originally raw smoked) - 200 g
  • Leeks (green onions) - 3 tablespoon
  • Black olives (pitted) - 100 g
  • Hard cheese (I didn't have any) - 100 g
  • Salt

How to cook ciabatta "à la mediterranée" step by step with photos

Slice ciabatta or loaf lengthwise

Cut the ham into small cubes In the original version we need to use uncooked ham, which makes the flavor sharper

Cut olives into slices, Chop leeks (green onions are allowed) finely

Salt the natural yogurt a little bit

Add everything to it (you can add garlic, but not much) I do not have any cheese. In general we grate cheese on a fine grater and add it there too

Taste it for salt, put it on the ciabatta and put it in the oven for 20-25 minutes. 200-220°C

Take it out of the oven, let it cool a little bit and eat it quickly, before somebody else does it :-)

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
2080.6 Calories
88.4 g
66.5 g
268.2 g
Per Serving:
1040.3 Calories
44.2 g
33.3 g
134.1 g
187.4 Calories
8 g
6 g
24.2 g

Leeks, Salt, Spicy, Hard Cheese, Ham, Yogurt, Olives, Olive, Starters, Sandwiches, Open Sandwich

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