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Just Breakfast Baked Ham Sandwiches

Cooked Simply Breakfast Baked Ham Sandwiches

Nutritional Value

I just made breakfast for my husband and baby: I made these sandwiches and stuffed eggs (I'll post the eggs next), it went great with coffee; and it's very easy.

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Ingredients for "simple breakfast"-Baked Ham Sandwiches:

  • Bread (I had a loaf) - 4 slices.
  • Ham - 4 slices.
  • Cheese semi-hard (any) - 4 slices.
  • Cucumber (pickled or pickled) - 1 pc
  • Green peas (canned) - 2 teaspoon
  • Mayonnaise (to taste)
  • Butter

How to cook "easy breakfast"-Baked Ham Sandwiches step by step with photos

Preheat oven. Cut the loaf into slices, sandwich the ham and cheese and assemble the sandwiches.

Grease the loaf with butter and put it on the baking tray with the greased side. Then we put the cucumber slices.

Drop mayonnaise between the slices of cucumber and put the peas on the mayonnaise. then the ham, cover it all with cheese. Put in the oven until the cheese melts. bon appetit!!!

Nutritional Value:

Whole Dish:
917.5 Calories
46.8 g
50.7 g
67.7 g
199.5 Calories
10.2 g
11 g
14.7 g

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